Do You Know Who Married Who in the Bible?

By Stella Alexander on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Someday we'll know why Samson loved Delilah. When it comes to the Bible, some of the relationships play themselves out like your favorite drama. While Samson and Delilah weren't married, their love-story-turned-betrayal is one of the most prominent in the Bible. Although Samson deeply loved Delilah, she cut off his long locks of hair, the key to his strength. If this was taking place in unattached relationships, one could only expect more from the married couples of the Bible.

At the start of the Old Testament in Genesis, the Bible introduces the first couple. As the founding of faiths such as Judaism and Christianity are told, you are introduced to even more couples. While some found their spouse through traditional means, this doesn't speak for many of the married couples that appear within the texts. 

Similar to methods of the 21st century, the biblical figures found their mates in a number of ways. Much like in a society where we are hoping for someone we know to set us up, Abraham sent someone to find a wife for his son, Isaac. In an even more risque relationship, after King David had an affair with Bathsheba, he ordered the death of her husband, one of the soldiers in his army. 

Who did Abraham find for Isaac? Who did Bathsheba betray in her affair with King David? Do you know who married who in the Bible? Let's find out!

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