Do You Know Which Countries These Mountain Ranges Are In?

By Torrance Grey on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Mountain ranges are a series of mountains or hills formed through various geological processes, typically segmented by highlands and valleys. Centuries later with many discoveries under our belt, we have established that the earth is far from being flat, thus it moves a few centimeters a year and the continents continue to ride the drifting geologic plates. As these plates collide, the crust solidifies into mountains, eventually forming mountain ranges.

Some of the youngest mountain ranges on the land’s surface have been associated with the Pacific Ring of Fire or the Alpide Belt. From the Himalayan complex to the Rocky Mountains to the Alps, mountain ranges occur on every continent and vary from the highest and longest to the most famous.

The longest mountain range on the Earth’s land surface, the Andes, extends for 4,350 miles from the southern tip of South America to Colombia, while the Himalaya Range is the highest mountain range on Earth and is home to the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, which towers at 29,029 feet high. These incredible summits are marked by earthquake zones, volcanoes and deep ocean trenches but remain desirable peaks for mountaineers, with many dying to climb while others literally die trying. Will you be dying to ace this quiz? Or will the answers come naturally to you? Test your mountain range knowledge with this quiz!

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