Do You Know Which Company Made These Classic Cars?

By: Heather Cahill
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Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Ford and Aston Martin just to name a few. Think you can match the company the classic cars they made? Take the quiz to find out!

What company made the 300SL Gullwing?

Mercedes-Benz made the 300SL Gullwing. There were of 3,200 of these cars produced in total and the car is worth millions of dollars today.

What company made the Cutlass?

The Cutlass was made by Oldsmobile. Production of the Cutlass started in 1961 and there were five generations of the car. It was a best seller for Oldsmobile!

Which company made the Cyclone?

Mercury made the Cyclone. The car was first produced in 1964 and in its last year in production, only 30 of these cars were made.

Which company made the Spider Duetto?

Alfa Romeo made the Spider Duetto. The car was first produced in 1966 and had a total of four different series. The car can be seen in the movie, "The Graduate."

What company made the El Camino?

Chevrolet made the El Camino. The car had a total of five generations between 1959 and 1987. The El Camino was produced many places worldwide.

What company made the Barracuda?

The Barracuda was made by Plymouth. The car was first produced in 1964 and was later available as a convertible. The car is rare to find today.

What company made the Thunderbird?

Ford made the Thunderbird. The car was first produced in 1955. There were just over 53,000 of the Thunderbirds made until production stopped in 1957.

Which company made the 308 GTS?

Ferrari made the 308 GTS. The car had a few different models and it was very similar to the 208 GTS. Production stopped in 1985.

Which company made the Nomad?

Chevrolet made the Nomad. Production of the Nomad started in 1955 and saw three generations over a period of 17 years. The car had two bench seats.

Which company made the Ranchero?

Ford made the Ranchero. The Ranchero was produced for 22 years and over 500,000 of them were produced. The car went through a few changes throughout its multiple generations.

What company made the Camaro?

Chevrolet made the Camaro. The car was first produced in 1966 and there were over 220,000 of them made until production stopped in 1969.

Which company made the AC Cobra?

AC and Shelby made the AC Cobra. The car was called the Shelby Cobra in the United States. The first model of the car was produced in 1962.

What company made the DB5?

Aston Martin made the DB5. The car makes an appearance in the James Bond movie, "Goldfinger." Just over 1,000 of these cars were produced.

Which company made the Boss 302 Mustang?

Ford made the Boss 302 Mustang. This car was a modified version of the Mustang. There were two generations of this car that were produced.

Which company made the Town and Country?

Chrysler made the Town and Country. There were seven generations of the car and production stopped in 1988 after 48 years.

Which company made the Hornet?

AMC made the Hornet. The car was first produced in 1969. This car can be found in another James Bond movie, called "The Man With The Golden Gun."

Which company made the K Convertible Roadster?

Lincoln made the K Convertible Roadster. Only 20 of these cars were made. These cars were part of Lincoln's K-Series and produced in 1936.

Which company made the Fury?

Plymouth made the Fury. The car was produced for 34 years and underwent many changes throughout the years.

Which company made the Trans-Am?

General Motors made the Trans-Am. The car has been featured in countless movies, including "Smokey and the Bandit." The car was first produced in 1967.

Which company made the Skylark?

Buick made the Skylark. There have been six generations of the Skylark since it started production in 1953.

Which company made the Fiesta from 1953?

Oldsmobile made the Fiesta from 1953. The car was a limited edition and it was quite expensive. Only 458 Fiestas were made.

Which company made the Caribbean Convertible?

Packard made the Caribbean Convertible. The car was produced for a short three years and in its last year, a hard top model was introduced.

Which company made the E-Type?

Jaguar made the E-Type which was first produced in 1961. The car could reach speeds of 150 miles per hour and it was used in the Austin Powers movies.

Which company made the Torino?

Ford made the Torino. The car was favored on NASCAR tracks and had two different versions that made it more suitable for the track.

Which company made the Starlight Coupe?

Studebaker made the Starlight Coupe. The car has appeared in a few films and television shows, and it was first produced in 1947.

Which company made the Continental Mark II?

Ford made the Continental Mark II. The car was first produced in 1956 and was only produced for one year. It is a rare vehicle to come by.

What company made the Corvette?

Chevrolet made the Corvette. The Corvette was first produced in 1962 and went through a few design changes over the years.

Which company made the Coupe De Ville?

Cadillac made the Coupe de Ville. The car was first produced in 1959 and it was also available as a sedan. There were eight generations of the De Ville.

Which company made the Eight?

Mercury made the Eight. The car had three generations over its 13-year history. The car was also used in "Batman and Robin."

Which company made the Charger?

Dodge made the Charger. The Charger models built in the '60s and '70s were built using the B-body. The body of the Chargers from the early seventies were used for NASCAR races.

Which company made the LaSalle?

Cadillac made the LaSalle. The car was first produced in 1927 and it was discontinued in 1940. The car also came as a convertible.

Which company made the Silver Arrow?

Pierce-Arrow made the Silver Arrow. There were only five of these cars produced in 1933. The car was completely silver with a sleek design.

What company made the 1967 Ghibli?

Maserati made the 1967 Ghibli. There were two other models made named the Ghibli since. The car has made it onto top sports cars lists.

Which company made the Tucker 48?

Tucker Corporation made the Tucker 48. The car was first produced in 1948 and there were only 51 made. The car had many different color options.

Which company made the Grand Prix?

General Motors made the Grand Prix under its Pontiac brand. The car was produced in 1962 and had a total of seven generations.

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