Do You Know Which Animals Represent Different Countries of the World?

By Heather Cahill on March 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Some animals embody the spirit of a country while others represent the people. Most animals are found in the country that they represent.

Many of the animals that represent countries around the world are well-known. You can probably name the national animal of the United States, and likely the representative of Kenya. These animals act as symbols to represent certain aspects of the country. Which national animal is the most unusual in your opinion?

Do you know which country the Komodo dragon represents? What about the poised flamingo? Can name the country that the majestic polar bear represents?  Think about the places that you might find these animals. The answers might trick you!

Do you know which country the elk represents? What about the gallic rooster? Maybe, you can name the country that the mythical Unicorn is a symbol of? If you found that to be challenging, which country is represented by the Welsh dragon? Some countries may have animals that shock you. A unicorn may not be your first guess!

The animals that represent countries of the world are important to recognize and celebrate. If you know your stuff when it comes to animals and countries, then test your knowledge and see how high you can score on this quiz!

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