Do You Know Which Animal Species Names Are Real and Which Ones We Made Up?

By Zoe Samuel on April 12, 2018


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The Earth is home to approximately nine million distinct species of animal life that we know of, and new species are discovered all the time. The world's rain forests are home to animals that would seem quite alien to outsiders, and the ocean depths reveal new and fascinating species every year. Even how we see animals has changed. Once upon a time, the giraffe was called the "camel leopard" because it was a bit like a camel and a bit like a leopard, not because it was related to either. Just as our perceptions change, so too does how we classify and name animals.

Are you very interested in animals? Do you grieve the loss of a species, and celebrate the recovery of species on the brink of extinction? Do you consider a trip to the zoo a great day out? Do you go to natural history museums and wonder what it must have been like for early conservationists as they mapped the hinterlands of the world, discovering new and fascinating life? Do you worry that in humanity's industrial ambition, we are making it harder for our animal cousins to thrive as they once did? Well, it's time to put this to the test. See if you can identify which animals listed here are real and which ones we just made up. Take the quiz!

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