Do You Know What Year These Movies Were Released?

By Kennita Leon on April 13, 2018


About this Quiz

Calling all self-proclaimed movie buffs! How long have you been watching motion pictures? Do you like a bit of everything, or do you just stick to action movies? Well, you'll need to have varying tastes in films if you want to pass this quiz because we're taking movies from all genres and from every decade to make the ultimate movie quiz. Now, we aren't going to make this easy by just asking you the name of the movie. That would be too easy. We want to figure out whether or not you know the exact years they were released. Are you up to the challenge? 

We're going to give you a few hints (now and in the quiz) to help you figure out what the correct answers are. For starters, you should look at the quality of the graphics in the picture- that will be your biggest clue. Also, take a look at the actors- is Tom Cruise younger or older in the film we're showing you? Once you keep these things in mind, there's no way you'll fail. 

So, if you think you've got what it takes to become our movie master, let's get started on this quiz!

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