Do You Know What Type of Animals These Classic Children's Book Characters Are?

By: Khadija Leon
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Many of us remember reading books like 'Where The Wild Things Are,' 'Winnie-the-Poo' and 'The Gruffalo,' but do we know what kind of animals were in those books? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of the animals in children's books.

The very hungry caterpillar is known by many as “one of the greatest childhood classics of all time.” Since its publication in 1969, it has sold over 30 million copies and it tells the story of a little caterpillar who eats through many fruits and leaves before spinning a cocoon and transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

Created by author A.A. Milne, the Winnie-the-Pooh collection of books was published in the 1920s. The lovable bear’s name was adjusted when Disney decided to turn the Pooh book series into films, plays, and television shorts.

The Gruffalo tells the story of a little mouse who walks through the woods and encounters many different animals who would love nothing more than to have him for supper. Each time, he makes up a story about this fictional monster which scares them off, only to meet this fictional monster towards the end of his journey.

Curious George is a very popular children’s book that has been adapted to a cartoon. In this book, we follow George, a cheeky little monkey, on his adventures and interactions with the Man In The Yellow Hat. Fun Fact: When the story first came out, he was named Fifi, in France, and Zozo, in the United Kingdom, to avoid disrespecting King George VI.

When the French author wrote a book about an elephant named Babar in 1931, he never imagined the worldwide success that he would gain from it. The story is about a young elephant, who after his mother is killed by hunters, leaves the jungle to visit the big city. Upon his return, his king dies and because if his knowledge of civilization, he becomes king of the elephants.

Paddington Bear first appeared in “A Bear Called Paddington” in 1958. Since then, he has appeared in more than 20 books, and recently, his own movie. Paddington came from Peru with his old red hat, beaten up suitcase, blue duffle coat and a love for marmalade.

Peter is a very mischievous little rabbit that doesn’t like to listen to his mother. After being warned about the dangers of entering Mr. McGregor’s garden, he goes anyway. He ends up eating a lot of food, which makes him feel sick. Soon after, he is spotted by the farmer.

Frances is a little badger who loves nothing more than eating bread and jam. When she asks her parents if she can eat this for every meal of the day, they agree. After eating it for some time, she becomes sick of her favorite meal and discovers the importance of eating different types of food.

The Cat in the Hat is one of Dr. Seuss’ most popular books. It is about a very big cat who went to the house of children Dick and Sally and transformed their boring day into a crazy once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Everything seemed to be going well but once Thing 1 and Thing 2 joined the party, the day instantly went from being interesting into a nightmare.

Aslan is a lion who is the only character to appear in all seven of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia series. In the books, he is shown to be a fearless, wise and empathetic king, who like many other animals in the series, is able to talk. Some of the books have been made into movies.

If you’re looking for a book that will teach you about the importance and strength of friendship, then Charlotte's Web is the book for you. Written in 1952 by famous author E.B. White, we meet a pig named Wilber, and a spider named Charlotte who saves her friend from being slaughtered by writing messages in her web about how great he is.

Bernard the Bull is the extremely quiet and introverted animal, seen in both the book and movie called "Where the Wild Things Are." The books have been inspiring children to let their little monsters out since 1963, and they also teach young people a sense of responsibility.

Although Anansi tales were typically read in many regions of Africa and the Caribbean, people around the world have begun to take notice of this amazing folklore. Anansi has many forms but he is mostly known for taking the form of a spider, sometimes with a human face.

Olivia is a book about the adventures of a little confident pig by the same name. The writer and illustrator, Ian Falconer, was inspired by Dr. Seuss’ style. The book first appeared in 2000. The books have become so successful that some of them have been translated into over 15 languages.

In 1968, children’s book writer Don Freeman wrote a story about a little teddy bear named Corduroy. He is displayed on a department store shelf, but because he is missing a button from his overalls, people refuse to buy him. In an effort to be purchased, he decides to go looking for his missing button.

In 1964, Author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats introduced the world to Peter, a young boy who wished for nothing more than to be able to call his favorite dog, Willie, by whistling. Much like the classic phrase “try and try and try again,” Peter never gives up and with time and much practice, he finally learns how to whistle.

Miles is a saxophone playing alligator who has annoyed both his parents and neighbors with the music that he makes. After his mother suggests that he play outside, he meets three other musicians and decides to start a Swamp Band, which is an instant hit in the community. The band is invited to the alligator ball but unbeknownst to them, they’re in for a huge surprise.

Diary of a Wombat is the first of the Shaggy Gully book series and it is one of Jackie French’s best works. At the beginning of the book, we meet Mothball, an extremely busy wombat, who spends his time digging holes, eating, and training a family of humans.

Published in 1985, we meet Carl, a black and brown Rottweiler who takes care of a little girl named Madeline. Unlike many other books, this one has no words and the story is completely left to the interpretation of the “reader." There are over 15 Carl books, the first of which is Good Dog, Carl.

Sylvester is a donkey who enjoys collecting different and unique pebbles, only to find one that makes his wishes come true. Not too long after, he is scared by a lion and accidentally turns himself into stone. The pebble then falls out of his hand, and he is unable to change himself back.

Elephant and Piggie belong to a unique book series first released in 2007. Unlike many other children’s books, this series is known for its comic book conversation style of writing. The books are released in sets of two, often coming out on the same day, and speak about the struggles and joys of friendship between Gerald the elephant and Piggie the pig.

Jenny is a little stray cat who was found on the streets by a very kind sea captain. The neighborhood where she now lives has a Cat Club that she desperately wants to join. But needs to show off a special talent in order to gain admittance. It is only when the captain makes her some ice skates that Jenny is able to show off her new-found talent and is allowed to join the club.

The Color Kittens revolve around Hush and Brush, two tiny kittens who try their best to create the color green by mixing together many different colors. While they do come up with many colors, none of them turned out to be green, which led to the phrase “Blue is blue, and red is red! They still need green!”

The cover of this book perfectly describes what it is about. A little yellow bird who teaches a dog named Rocket how to read. As we go through this book, we watch Rocket learn the alphabet, learn how to enunciate words and finally, learn to read without the help of his little friend.

Published in 1976 by Little, Brown and Company, Arthur’s Nose is the first book in the Arthur Adventure series which has over 30 books. The first book is centered around how unhappy Arthur the Aardvark was with his nose, and his visit to a rhinologist to try to get a new one.

In Harry the Dirty Dog, we meet Harry, a pleasant little dog who hates taking baths, so much so, that he buries the bathtub scrubber then runs away. When he tries to return home, he is so dirty that his family doesn’t recognize him, until he brings back the scrubber. The book was originally illustrated in black and white in 1956, and was reprinted in color in 2002.

The Pete the Cat series first came out in 2008 and has grown to more than 40 books, the first of which was Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes. This blue cat never loses his cool, even when his favorite white shoes are dirtied by different substances.

In 1993, Janell Cannon decided to write a book about a female megabat named Stellaluna. The story has gained much attention for highlighting people’s differences and what makes them unique. It also emphasizes trust and what true friendship means.

George and Martha is a series of books each with many short stories about two young hippos. It goes into detail about their adventures, some of which include going to the beach, the amusement park, and their day-to-day interactions.

Horton Hears a Who! is another one of Dr. Seuss’ famous books and it was the second book where we met Horton the Elephant. In the book, he is tasked with guarding and protecting a small speck of dust where the people of Whoville live.

Little Red Riding Hood is a European fairy tale that was written in 1881. It was about a little girl who walks through the woods in order to deliver some food to her sick grandmother. In the original book, she goes to the grandmother’s house and a wolf swallows her whole and pretends to be her while he waits for Red to arrive.

The story of the Hare and the Tortoise is one of Aesop’s fables, and it tells the story of a hare who constantly boasts about being the fastest out of all of his friends. The tortoise, who is tired of hearing it, challenges him to a race and ends up beating him.

The White Rabbit is a character who made his first appearance in Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland in 1865. He is often seen wearing a waistcoat and is always concerned about being on time. The books have been adapted into movies, the famous animated 1951 version, and the 2010 Tim Burton version.

Although many people grew up watching these characters on television and in movies, the story of these friends came from a book entitled The Wind in the Willow by Kenneth Grahame. We first meet Mole, and Rat (ratty), then soon after, we encounter Mr. Toad, Mr. Badger and the rest of the gang.

Splat is a little cat who is so terrified of his first day of cat school, that his tail keeps moving due to his worrying. In an attempt to relieve his worry, he brings his pet mouse, Seymour, with him, but when he gets out of Splat’s lunchbox, the other cats chase after poor Seymour.

In the first book of the Little Bear series, we witness the interactions of a bear cub (Little Bear) and his mother (Mother Bear). Little Bear misses his father who happens to be a ship captain and as such, is away for very long periods of time. The books series was so popular, that it went on to become a television series with the same name.

Rosemary Wells wrote the Max and Ruby series about her own children, but portrayed them as bunnies in the book series. Kids love the books so much that Nickelodeon Jr. has aired more the 90 episodes of the animated series about Max and his older sister, Ruby.

There are over 25 Henry and Mudge books, the first of which was published in 1987 and the last of which was published in 2007. The story is centered around young Henry, his best canine companion Mudge, and on occasion, his cousin Annie. With the help of his friend, Henry learns valuable lessons about life, friendship and love.

The Jungle Book has many different types of animals, but the guy pictured here is Baloo, a cuddly Sloth bear. He, along with Mowgli, Bagheera and Shere Khan, were first introduced in 1894. While it was a very enjoyable book to read, it gained worldwide recognition when Disney made it into a movie in 1967.

Written by Oliver Jeffers and published in 2005, Lost and Found is about a little penguin who shows up on a boy’s doorstep because he does not know how to get home. The two embark on a journey to the South Pole to get this little penguin home, only to realize that he doesn’t want to leave his new friend behind.

Typically read to children between the ages of just a few months to 3 years old, Owl Babies is a story about three tiny owls who wake up to find that their dear mother is missing. Throughout the day, they worry about her, but as night falls, they begin to get anxious. The mother owl returns sometime at night to find three happy little owls.

We first met Hedwig (Harry Potter’s snowy owl) in "The Sorcerer’s Stone" until her death as she sacrifices herself in an effort to protect Harry in the "Deathly Hallows." She was given to him as a gift from Rubeus Hagrid on his 11th birthday, and she was tasked with delivering mail to the young wizard.

Trevor’s adorable dog, Streaker, is extremely fast and has often gotten Trevor into trouble because of her speed. Trevor has until the end of the holiday to train her, and if he doesn’t, he will have to face the wicked Charlie Smugg and something involving frogspawn.

Written by Dodie Smith in 1956, 101 Dalmatians tells the tale of dogs Pongo and Missis, their fifteen puppies, Perdita, and her lost love, Prince. The Disney films are quite different from the original book, but characters like Pongo, Perdita, and Cruella de Vil have remained consistent.

Years before the movies and television shows, there were 12 books written by Cressida Cowell about dragons. Set in a fictional Viking world, we first join Hiccup, a young boy thought to be weak but extremely intelligent. He and his dragon, Toothless, embark on a journey to become the Hero of Hard Way.

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of comic albums created by Georges Remi, published from as early as the 1920s to as late as the 1970s. In the comics, we follow a young reporter named Tintin and his Wire Fox Terrier, Snowy, as they find themselves going on adventures all around the world.

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