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Did you know that there is a way to supplement your diet without taking pills or eating undesirable foods?  For many, just having certain crystals around the house can help influence your well-being as well as well as bringing a bit of nature into the home in a fun and colorful way. 

One of the newer home décor items to hit the market were Himalayan pink salt lamps.  With their minimalistic appearance, these lamps can bring a subtle warmth to any room in the house.  Not only that, but there are some health benefits to using one as well: when the salt gets warmed, it releases negatively charged ions into the room, which helps filter pollutants from the air.  So not only do you have a nice new lamp, you can breathe better!

Wearing crystals or stones while you are out and about doing your everyday activities can help boost your health while looking fashionable at the same time.  Wearing a piece of hematite jewelry will help in all sorts of situations. Because it is an iron-based stone, it can have a little bit of a magnetic charge.  It is believed that this charge can help with blood flow.  And with its polished and solid appearance, one glance at hematite can help you regain focus on tasks at hand. 

We’ve pulled together several crystals and stones to quiz you on their healing properties.  Do you think you can rock it?  One way to find out!

Amethyst is a type of quartz crystal which is characterized by its unique purple coloration. It is filled with healing and protective energies which promote serenity and balance to the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes of the human body.

The vibrant energies of opals boost creativity, encourages inner growth, and strengthens the cosmic consciousness. It is a karmic stone which absorbs, magnifies and reflects your emotions and thoughts back to you.

This non-toxic precious metal was frequently used throughout ancient and modern times for its medicinal and healing purposes. Metaphysically, gold is used to cleanse the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of the body, replacing it with calm and positive energies.

Heliodor is a member of the Beryl crystal family, which is identified by its yellow coloration. When used during meditation, the gemstone is believed to increase self-confidence, self-belief, and self-worth.

This stone is associated with wisdom, enlightenment, dedication, loyalty, protection, and security. The energies of pearls help restore calmness and balance to a restless and ungrounded mind.

Agate stones are made of layers or stripes of brown, black, grey, yellow, red, pink or white. It has a strengthening and stabilizing energy which dispels negative energies, leaving you feeling calm, energized, and empowered.

Obsidian contains healing properties and is used to cleanse and protect the soul against negative energies. It is enriched with powerful vibrations that draw out stress and tension from your body.

This ancient gemstone is identified by is distinct yellow-green coloration and mystical properties. It is associated with balance, serenity, good luck, positivity, relationships, and protection against negative energies.

Bronzite is a stone of courtesy and focused action. It helps the user dispel uncertainty and take control of their life by focusing, thinking, and planning ahead.

Due to its blood-red coloration, this precious gemstone is associated with one's life-force and death. It is also affiliated with love, self-confidence, good luck, and protection against boredom, lethargy, and inactivity.

Moonstone is used in crystal healing to provide protection during childbirth, pregnancy, and sea travels. It is the stone of calm and relief and is used to amplify intuition, sensitivity, psychic abilities, and feminine energies.

Sunstone is a cheerful stone which is filled with positive energies. It is associated with good luck, harmony, romance, freedom, self-empowerment, independence, and inspiration. It casts away negative feelings and thoughts, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic.

Goldstone is not really a stone, but a manmade glass with copper shavings suspended in it, giving off the illusion of sparkle. They come in shades of reddish-brown, blue, and green. The stone is associated with ambition and personal development of the body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Known as the love stone, the rose quartz gives off strong vibrations and energies of love, warmth, happiness, passion, and sexuality. It mends broken hearts and relationships, replacing all bad emotions with positive vibrations and energies.

Calcite is a highly protective crystal which is used to cleanse the body and mind of negative energies, replacing it with positive ones. It also enhances intuition, wisdom, spirituality, physical strength, and mental functions.

Beryl is a type of mineral commonly used in jewelry. Pure beryl is transparent and colorless, but due to impurities colors may range from red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, white, and brown. Types of beryl include emerald (dark green) and aquamarine (light blue).

This flaky crystal is decorated in vibrant colors ranging from bright red-orange, bright orange and yellow. The energies of this crystal help you manifest your desires and promotes clarity and order in relationships.

This rare gemstone comes in a variety of shades with grape-jelly purple being the most popular and eye-catching. Sugilite is affiliated with spiritual growth, good fortune, wisdom, inspiration, and physical and emotional healing.

In its natural form, glass comes in a variety of colors, which are either translucent or opaque. The metaphysical aspects of glass include transformation and merging of element, rebirth, communication, and focus.

Silver has a highly reflective nature which absorbs and enhances the connection between the gemstone and the user. It is also used to promote good health, increase intuitive and psychic abilities, and protects against negative energies.

Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone which is used to enhance the mind, spirit, and intelligence. It also provides wisdom, good luck, physical and emotional healing, and protection from negative energies.

The properties of this dark-colored stone are associated with logic, practical thinking, decision making, and money. In addition to keeping the mind grounded, it protects the spirit and emotions from negative energies.

Serpentine is the name applied to a group of minerals with similar properties. They come in shades of green, black yellow or white. Metaphysically, it is associated with serenity, personal strength, dispelling negative energies and attracting positive ones.

This glossy gemstone comes in a variety of shades, with red being the most common. Garnet is a powerful stone with the ability to heal, purify, cleanse, provide protection and promote self-empowerment and higher thinking.

Most topaz crystals are colorless, but many appear in shades of blue, honey yellow, pink, green or brown. It is used during meditation to stimulate self-confidence, creativity, remove stagnant energies and magnify intuitive and psychic abilities.

Carnelian is a protection stone which keeps you safe from physical, emotional and spiritual harm. It is also associated with healing, specifically health issues surrounding the female reproductive organs.

This elegant crystal is enriched with powerful vibrations that cleanses your mind and spirit of negative thought and feelings. It is used in crystal healing to treat many illnesses such as arthritis, cancer, and fertility issues.

Biotite is a type of mineral commonly found in the mica group. In crystal healing, biotite is known as the stone of life. It is used to create a clearer picture of issues affecting one's life by discarding irrelevant details.

In crystal healing, howlite is a stone of awareness and is filled with powerful vibrations. It is used to eliminate stress, anxiety, selfishness, self-doubt, and other negative emotions, leaving behind a calmer state of mind.

Thulite is a type of stone of the zoisite mineral group with colors ranging from pale pink to deep rose. This stone brings with it positive energies which encourage self-acceptance, showmanship, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

This crystal is endowed with powerful vibrations and energies which turns negative situations into positive ones. It is associated with peace, mental clarity, spiritual awakening, confidence, physical and emotional healing.

This crystal is frequently used in meditation due to its positive energies and vibrations. The metaphysical benefits of desert rose include healing, cleansing of the mind and chakras, spiritual and psychic enhancement and an increase in self-confidence.

Fluorite is a mineral form of calcium fluoride, which is used in many manmade products such as toothpaste. On a psychic level, this protective crystal is used to eliminate negative energies, leaving you with positive feelings of calmness and relaxation.

The energies of this stone bring with it many positive benefits. This includes good luck, healing, wisdom, shielding negative energies and a surge in happiness, determination, and ambition.

This stone is filled with positive energies which provide protection against negative vibrations. It enhances spiritual growth and promotes self-awareness, inspiration, healing, and prosperity.

Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is a blend of organic and inorganic materials found in the inner layer mollusk shells. It is frequently used in ornament and jewelry making. In metaphysics, it is associated with healing, empowerment, self-esteem, discipline, and wisdom.

In crystal healing, turquoise has purification properties which are used to cleanse the soul of any negative energies. It is also used to promote relaxation, wisdom and self-realization and enhancement of psychic abilities.

Heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a variety of jasper stone characterized by dark green coloration, decorated with red spots which resemble blood. Heliotrope is seen as symbol sacrifice, hardships, and overcoming struggles.

Fairy stones are filled with soothing and empowering energies and vibrations which helps stress, anxieties, and fears. It is also associated with healing good luck and prosperity.

Tanzanite, also known blue zoisite, is a member of the silicate family. It was named after the country Tanzania, where it was discovered. This spiritual stone emits high vibrational energies which establishes a strong connection between the mind and higher consciousness.

Jasper is an opaque form of chalcedony. It comes in many colors including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, black, and white. This stone symbolizes comfort, stability, strength, healing, and protection.

Onyx is a type of chalcedony which comes in a variety of colors, with black being the most common. Metaphysically, onyx is used to open up the chakra to allow the flow of positive energies and vibrations.

This semi-precious stone is a type of beryl that is distinguished by its alluring green coloration. Emerald is considered the stone of the heart and as such, symbolizes compassion, universal love, mercy and physical, emotional and spiritual harmony.

Tourmaline is a gemstone which can be found in a variety of solid or mixed color patterns. The vibrations from this stone will help you achieve harmony and balance by transforming and dispelling negative energies.

Diamond is one of the most popular and sought out precious stones used in jewelry making. Metaphysically, the energies of diamond are used to strengthen the love, bond, longevity, faithfulness, purity, and honesty in relationships.

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