Do You Know What Purpose This Boat Was Built For?

By Staff Author on July 10, 2018

About This Quiz

Have you sailed the seven seas? Since the earliest days of human civilization, water travel has played a vital role. The simplest and most direct use of boats is of course for fishing! Fish have and continue to be a staple of many human societies. But as technology as well as commerce grew, the water also proved to have a different purpose: the transportation of trade goods. The water can seem a vast and forbidding obstacle, but when navies grew more sophisticated, it took the role of a great blue highway linking disparate peoples together. The ensuing flow of commerce led to greater societal specialization, and in turn greater wealth, which let those societies both learn more about each other and develop on their own terms.

In the modern age, we have a vast panoply of different naval vessels to tackle all the challenges and opportunities Father Neptune can offer. From the humble dinghy to the mighty aircraft carrier, we are ready, willing and able to take our places as masters of the sea.  But how much do *you* know about our vast naval arsenal? Within this quiz you will find dozens of different watercraft from different cultures and disparate eras. Show that you are a true master of the sea with our quiz!

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