Do You Know What All of These Animals Are Called In Spanish?

By house on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

One of the first things we are taught when learning a foreign language are its nouns. And the names of animals are among the most popular nouns to teach. Of course, some of these will be easier than others, because most of use have had some exposure to Spanish outside of the classroom. For instance, most of use know that the Spanish word for dog is "perro" and the Spanish word for cat is "gato." But that's' where things get complicated. To pass this quiz, you'll need to know that a búfalo de cabo is a Cape buffalo, a perro salvaje africano is an African wild dog, and an avestruz is an ostritch.

Did you ace Spanish 101? Do you think you remember enough to be able to identify each of these 50 animals from an image? Here's the catch; you have to be able to name each one in Spanish. If you are the family translator whenever you're in a Spanish-language environment, or if think you remember enough of your high school Spanish to ace this quiz, then you truly do have quite the vocabulary.

Take this quiz to find out how many of these animals you can identify!

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