Do You Know What All of These Animals Are Called In French?

By house on March 11, 2018

About This Quiz

Oh, la vache! While we might be saying oh my God in English, the French are saying "oh, the cow!" While we are used to lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, the French have their own words for these animals. Do you know what all of these animals are called in French?

French is one of the top 20 languages spoken around the world. While over 75 million people speak it as their first language, there are close to 275 million who speak the language in general. One of the romance languages, French has been derived from Latin. This is why many words in French, Spanish, and Italian look and sound similar. While this holds true for a lot of the dialogue, these languages vary differently with their animals. A "perro" in Spanish is a "chien" in French. If we give you a picture, could you name all the animals by their French name?

Some French animals are easier than others. A hamster is "un hamster" while a salmon is "un saumon." While an alligator is "un alligator," knowing that a snake is "un serpent" is also easy enough! The trouble comes with the other animals. Rather than calling a cow "beef," that word is reserved for an ox. You might think goldfish would have gold in its name, but its actually translated to "a red fish."

Today, we're ditching our cats and dogs and trading them in for their French counterparts. Do you know what all of these animals are called in French? There's only one way to find out!

Hop on this "cheval" of a quiz and gallop away!

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