Do You Know This U.S. Politician's Political Party?

By J.P. Naomi on August 12, 2018

About This Quiz

Calling all political buffs! Are you ready to run for office? It's time to head across the aisle to see - and maybe even down the hall - to how well you know the playing field.

Did you know political parties didn't really exist until years after the United States Constitution was created? That's right, the Founding Fathers never even intended for American politics to be partisan! Maybe they thought we would all just get along? Maybe it was just their wishful thinking!!

Well, here we are years later with a more established political system, but with much less partisanship than intended. We've got liberal Democrats in blue on the left and conservative Republicans in red on the right. We've got politicians in the middle who have a hard time identifying as either, so we call them Independents! Now don't forget about the Libertarians, and members of the Green Party and Constitution Party. Are we missing anybody? 

You see, those were the "major" political parties, but did you know there are 38 "minor" parties? Thirty-eight! Don't worry, this quiz won't test you on all, but that fact is certainly worth noting. What's that say about US politics? We digress! 

So are you ready? Set? God Bless America? Pin that flag to your lapel, it's time to see if you can identify the political parties of these famous politicians!

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