Do You Know if These Snakes Are Venomous?

By Torrance Grey on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Nature is smart. Snakes have evolved with poisonous bites, lethal squeezes and jaws that can unhinge to eat something bigger than themselves. No life-loving human or animal is going to mess with a snake. Which is why other snakes have evolved look-alike patterns to fool others and hide the fact they don't have a venomous bite. So it makes sense to note the detailed differences of a serpentine creature to decide whether to step around or run away at top speed. 

For instance, the non-venomous milk snake tends to resemble the venomous coral snake, with its red-black-yellow or white-black-red bands. However, in the coral snake, the red and yellow bands touch, leading to the mnemonic phrase, "Red on yellow kills a fellow." But don't get too close identifying these small serpents. The cottonmouth, which refers to more than one species, is venomous. What these dangerous species have in common is the pale white interior of their mouths, hence the name.  Make your motto, "Identify at a distance."

But it's not easy, since snakes can use camouflage. The twig snake is named for its brown coloration and slender size. It's easily mistaken for a twig. Now it's time to test your snake I.Q. We prefer you test it here with our trivia quiz and not in the wild. It's a bit ssssssafer. 

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