Do You Know If These '80s Vehicles Are Ford or Chevy?

By J. Reinoehl on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you a fan of the cars of the 1980s? Do you remember all of the models made by Ford and Chevy during that decade? Take this quiz to see if you can identify the '80s car model.

Since a car has to be at least 25 years old to be considered a classic, the cars of the 1980s now fall into that category. Although many people could argue the point that the cars of that decade just don't stand up to the classics of the '50s and '60s, rules are rules. But let's be honest, some of the models made and sold in the '80s aren't worth a second look, let alone the honor of being called a classic car. However, other models definitely deserve our attention. 

Ford vs. Chevy, one of the most virulent rivalries in the automobile industries, made some great cars in the '80s, and a few flops. Do you remember the Chevy Citation? It was manufactured from 1980 to 1985, but it just wasn't the most attractive car, even for that era. Still, it made headlines as the first front-wheel drive car in the Chevy lineup.

Do you think you can identify each of these 1980s Ford and Chevy vehicles? Let's get started.

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