Do You Know the Professions of These Biblical Figures?

By Stella Alexander on May 24, 2018

About This Quiz

What do you want to be when you grow up? If you ask a child this in the 21st century, they might answer with the classic teacher, doctor, or professional athlete. You might even hear jobs like an astronomer, engineer, or business owner. While these are common jobs of the present, traveling back thousands of years would find you in Biblical times, where there were few types of jobs. Can you match the people of the Bible to their job?

Prostitution is often considered the world's oldest profession, but not if you take a look at the Bible. In Genesis, you're introduced to Adam and Eve. The first couple, they went on to have two children, Cain and Abel. Throughout this first book of the Old Testament, the first jobs you hear about are farmers and shepherds. While these two professions might be the most seen in the Bible, there are a few more that are added as history unfolds. 

Central people at the foundation of Judaism and Christianity held jobs such as hunters, doctors, and tentmakers. You'd find your kings, queens, and judges. There were even cupbearers, tax-collectors, and merchants. From central pillars of the faith, like Jesus to Abraham, can you match these people to their profession? Let's find out!

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