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"Norma Rae" was a drama based on the true story of Crystal Lee Sutton, a woman who brought the union to her factory to help protect her co-workers. How well do you remember "Norma Rae?" Find out by taking this quiz.

At the beginning of the movie, what happened to Norma Rae's mother that she was rushed to the doctor?

"She didn't hear one word I said! She doesn't hear you right now!"


In what kind of factory did Norma Rae work?

The story of Norma Rae was based on Crystal Lee Sutton, a woman who worked at the J. P. Stevens textile plant in Roanoke Rapids, NC. Her job was to fold towels.


Finish the quote "Do it, and ______________________."

"Do it, and I'll shut up."


How much did Norma's dad get paid?

In older textile mills, people would replace the full-spinning frames with empty ones. Modern "doffing" machines do this in textile mills today. Paying "per frame" was a way company owners kept pay down and increased the work a single worker did in a day.


Who wanted to stay with Norma Rae's family?

"My name is Reuben Warshovsky… I'd like to get me a room with a mill family."


Pat Hingle played which character?

Pat Hingle (1924—2009) played Norma's dad, Vernon, but he is probably best known for his portrayal of Commission Gordon in the "Batman" movies.


Why did George hit Norma Rae?

"It just doesn't make me feel good … I'm not trotting down here anymore."


With what did Rueben fill his suitcase so he wouldn't have to read the phone book?

Several studios turned down "Norma Rae," but 20th Century Fox had just turned out the highly successful "Star Wars," and was willing to take a chance on it.


To what position was Norma promoted?

"Well, we're going to put you on spot-checking … It’ll make you another $1.50 an hour."


Why wasn't Norma's dad happy about her promotion?

Many workers in the textile industry develop "brown lung disease," or Byssinosis, from long-term exposure to the cotton dust. Although the disease scars the lungs, it doesn't actually turn them brown.


What were Norma's kids' names?

"That's Craig, and this is [Millie]. Craig, I want you to put your seat on the floor."


What singer did Norma Rae wish she could be?

Dolly Parton released "It's All Wrong, But It's All Right" in 1978. However, the events depicted in the movie took place before 1974.


Why didn't Norma's dad want her to go out with Sonny?

"Let me say some names to you, Norma: Buddy Wilson, Ellis Harper, George Benson, a U. S. sailor, railways, bus drivers—none of which is looking after you as far as I can see. I got that spot. It's my roof, my food."


Where was the first place Sonny met Norma?

Many textile workers work in a factory because their parents worked there and got them jobs. In Crystal Lee's case, she began working there when she was 16. Both her first, second, and third husbands also worked in the mill.


What happened to Norma's first husband?

"This was the song. I remember it was on the radio the night they called me up, and they told me my husband had been killed in a fight in a beer joint."


Where did Reuben hold the first meeting to tell the people about a union?

Director Ritt wanted to film in an actual textile factory to lend authenticity to the story. The J. P. Stevens textile company blocked "Norma Rae" from being filmed in many textile factories. They finally found a unionized factory in Opelika, AL, that allowed them to film there.


What did Norma ask Sonny to do to help her decide whether or not to marry him?

"It's been a long time between offers. Kiss me. If that's all right, then everything else will be."


Who played Norma Rae?

Sally Field (born November 1946) won an Academy Award for her work on "Norma Rae," but she was not as big a name as what the studio had wanted. However, after he was turned down by several bigger name actresses, Martin Ritt told them he would not do it without her .


"Gentlemen, your average working man is not stupid. ______________________."

"Gentlemen, your average working man is not stupid. He just gets tired."


Why did Norma leave her church?

The extras from "Norma Rae" were all locals, many of whom worked in the textile factory. Field got to know the workers first-hand, which helped her develop her character.


Why was Reuben allowed to go into the factory?

"The Federal government of the United States, brothers, in accordance with federal court order number 7778, states the following: The Union has the right to inspect every bulletin board in the mills at least once a week to verify in person that its notices are not being stripped off."


Why did the union bosses go to see Reuben?

Eli Zivkovich, on whom the character of Reuben was based, was initially a coal miner from West Virginia. By the time Norma Rae lost her job, Sally Field had become so invested in the character that she sprained one police officer's wrist, broke another's watch, and broke the ribs of a third actor.


Who lived next door to Norma and Sonny?

"We're holding a meeting at our house, Jimmy Jerome—union business. Afterward, we're having lemonade and cookies, gingersnaps."


What were the initials of the textile workers' union?

The TWUA (Textile Workers Union of America) started in 1939, but merged to become the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) in 1976, shortly after the events depicted in the movie took place. Many unions struggled in the South, and even J. P. Stevens continued resisting the union for more than 20 years through numerous court cases.


When Reuben fell in the mud, where did Norma take him to get clean?

"This is where we used to swim when we were kids. Come down here after school and chuck off our clothes and jump in."


What author wrote the book Norma Rae borrowed from Reuben?

Dylan Thomas (1914 - 1953) was a Welsh poet of the early 20th century. He dropped out of school when he was only 16, but created a flowing, alliterative style writing that modern readers often appreciate more than his contemporaries did. He died primarily of untreated pneumonia (which a doctor failed to diagnose), complicated by the effects of alcoholism.


Why didn't anyone show up to the union meeting that was set to happen towards the middle of the movie?

"They got us on a stretch-out… Put us on a three-day week. Twice as much work for half the pay."


Which actor played Sonny?

Lloyd Vernet "Beau" Bridges III (born December 9, 1941) began his career in the 1940s. He works primarily on television movies and can be seen in series' such as" Stargate: SG-1."


What did Norma's employers post on the bulletin board?

"They put up a letter. They telling whites that the blacks are going to take over the union, they gonna run it and push them around. And any time you tell a white man a black man's gonna sit on his head, this is what you get."


What did they do to Norma for copying the racist letter?

Crystal Lee was arrested, fired, and received death threats. In the movie, her name was changed to Norma Rae because she wanted to retain some of her privacy.


"How come everybody down here ______________________."

"Sign. Norma Rae Webster. How come everybody down here has three names?"


What did they do when Norma wouldn't leave after she was fired?

Field actually learned how to run the machines, but found the work extremely difficult. The environment was loud and the air was filled with dust that irritated her lungs.


When Vernon's arm went numb, what did Jimmy tell him to do?

"You all got a break coming up in fifteen minutes, Vernon… You all hang on, Vernon. Your break's coming up."


How did Norma hear about the vote?

Sally Field had a tough time with the role because she found it difficult to relate to the character. She was serious about her work, though, and Ritt was willing to help her delve into her part.


What did Reuben do right before he left?

Martin Ritt did what he could to prevent the actors playing Norma and Reuben from becoming too close. Although originally the movie was not expected to succeed, it became a box office hit.


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