Do You Know the Meanings of These Common Phrases from the Bible?

By Zoe Samuel on April 22, 2018

About This Quiz

The Good Book is full of great stories about prophets, priests, kings, judges, of empires and kingdoms that rise and fall, of a God who is by turns vengeful and loving. Much of its 66 books are taken up with nonstop action, with wars, miracles, exiles, exoduses, and all sorts of family drama. Other parts are full of family trees in exhaustive detail.

However, that's not all there is. The Bible contains an awful lot of wisdom. Some of this comes in the form of psalms and proverbs, where you might expect to find a beautifully constructed bon mot. Other pearls of wisdom come from substantial parts of the book dedicated to simply laying down the law, from how you should treat your fellow man to what you should wear, eat, and do with your time. A few appear in parables told by prophets and others, seeking to educate. Then there some gems that are simply tossed into the middle of stories that might not always seem to be the most important in the book.

Do you really understand what it means to demand an eye for an eye? What about the concept of a scapegoat? Let's put your Biblical knowledge to the test!

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