Do You Know the Meaning of These Obscure Words?

By Torrance Grey on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

You'll love this quiz if you use obscure words to impress your friends with the depth and breadth of your vocabulary, or simply to learn a new and unfamiliar word for fun and interest. Or mayhap you enjoy Shakespeare's work and love old English phrases. For whatever reason you enjoy obscure words, it is easier to intuit their meaning in context, than on their own. However, if you know root words, prefixes, and suffixes, you may do surprisingly well on this quiz. For instance, "colloquy" is another word for "conversation." It is related to the better-known term "soliloquy." But as the prefix indicates, a "colloquy" is with another person, and a "soliloquy" is solo --like Hamlet's famous speech. 

What is wonderful about the English language is that it is dynamic, ever-growing and ever-changing. Our society creates new words all the time for modern products, concepts and situations. Where else would "e-mail" come from or the commonly understood and accepted terms, including "e-book", "e-cash", and "e-commerce"? From new medical and environmental developments to technological advances, words help us describe our world. Challenge your cohorts to see which one of you can showcase your knowledge of English's backbencher words fastest. Take the quiz anon!

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