Do You Know the Basics of Auto Repair?

By Steven Symes on March 18, 2018

About This Quiz

Are you like MacGyver when it comes to car repairs? Can you fix just about any problem with simple tools and your raw knowledge?  Your average person takes their car to the mechanic whenever there's a problem, then complains about how long they don't have it and how much the repair costs. If you think using a mechanic for anything less than an engine rebuild is a waste of money, you're well above average.

The fact is, most people can easily fix any number of problems with their car. Maybe they just lack the know-how when it comes to these problems. With the knowledge that abounds on the internet, it's hard to believe that with a little initiative they couldn't learn at least a little. That means the problem could have more to do with laziness. It's a way some people waste money, yet they seem content to do just that.

If you think you have the basics of automotive repair down, this quiz is for you. It doesn't cover anything too extensive, so you don't have to be a complete guru to ace it. Test out your knowledge now and take the quiz!

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