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Figure out where in the U.S. or Canada you can find the places that we mention. It's a mental feat most take for granted, but we challenge you to succeed at sorting out some of North America's most popular geographical destinations!

The United States and Canada share weather patterns, certain water bodies, borders and Niagara Falls. But these countries possess distinct landmarks specific to their own histories and geographical attributes. For this world test, it's best to focus on the signature attributes that each country offers. 

The Canadian landscape is well-known for natural wonders and lesser known for urban activity. On the other hand, Canada probably can't be outdone by the United States in the nature category, but the U.S. certainly wins big-city props. The United States has the world's most-visited urban centers. Not only do people from all over the world visit U.S. cities to see landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, but many visitors tend to stay there. At one point, Canada relaxed its immigration requirements because many Canadians were crossing the border to live in the U.S., and a worker shortage ensued.

But this fun geo challenge is not a U.S.-Canada competition. Appreciate the uniqueness that each sovereign state has to offer in just a few scrolls!

In 1861, a head of state raised his country's flag in Independence Hall. Where can this place be found?

Almost 150 years after Abraham Lincoln raised the pre-inaugural flag at Independence Hall, president-elect Barack Obama partially imitated the gesture before his 2009 inauguration. Both Lincoln and Obama lived in Illinois at some point in their civilian lives.


The House and the Senate sit in the Centre Block at Parliament Hill. Do you notice the location?

Parliament Hill is a neo-Gothic style group of government buildings perched over the Ottawa River on a cliff. Famous buildings at the site include House of Commons and Library of Parliament. The buildings were established in the 1860s.


Peggy's Cove is a fishing village in ________?

Peggy's Cove remains one of Nova Scotia's most visited fishing villages. The idyllic cove, where turbulent seas crash into cascading white stones, is situated at the inlet of St. Margaret's Bay.


At the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, the Memorial Plaza is located above the National September 11 Memorial Museum. Can you guess the geographical region?

The National September 11 Memorial in New York City opened on the 10th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks of the World Trade Center towers in Manhattan's financial district. The National September 11 Memorial Museum was first scheduled to open on September 11, 2012.


Dinosaur Provincial Park is a two-hour car drive away from Royal Tyrrell Museum in ________?

The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology is located near Alberta's Drumheller Badlands. The place is named for Canadian scientist Joseph B. Tyrell, who was the first to retrieve dinosaur remains at the Badlands.


Is it too difficult for you to choose the location for Moose Jaw Tunnels, which were constructed in the early 1900s?

The connected Moose Jaw tunnels were constructed so that the city's underground steam boilers could be maintained. American gangster Al Capone converted the tunnels into booze-storage areas where the contraband could be easily prepped for shipment on U.S.-bound rail cars.


Bay of Fundy is a weathered marine destination found in Canada or the U.S.?

Bay of Fundy is an ecosystem that boasts a landscape of beaches, marshes, mudflats and cliffs. Hopewell Rocks is a popular tourist attraction at the bay. The red sandstone rocks have been carved by years of forceful Fundy tides.


Taos Pueblo is the most famous of the 19 Pueblos located in ________?

In 1916, the U.S. government requisitioned Blue Lake, a sacred water body for the Native people of the area. In 1970, President Nixon issued legislation returning Blue Lake to Taos Pueblo.


American author Mark Twain once wrote that you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a stained glass window where Notre-Dame Basilica is based. What world region was Twain referring to?

Notre-Dame Basilica is located in Montreal, a Canadian municipality established in 1642. Established in 1656, Notre-Dame is Montreal's first church and can accommodate 12,000 visitors.


Granville Island is 37 acres of cafes, theaters and shops. Try to quickly pick the locale?

In 1915, the pseudo-island known as Granville Island was constructed out of mud from Vancouver Harbor. Before the city regenerated the area in the 70s, Granville Island consisted of slaughterhouses, shipyards and sawmills.


Walled Old Quebec City is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site based in ________?

The Historic District of Old Quebec was established over 400 years ago. The city with an old-world appeal is home to European bistros and antique shops. French explorer Samuel de Champlain founded the region in 1608, naming it "Kebec" which means "where the river narrows."


First White House of the Confederacy is where Jefferson Davis lived the first year of a major war. Guess the territory?

Before it was restored as a historic museum, the First White House of the Confederacy used to be in such bad shape that the city of Montgomery did not disclose the true location of the dilapidated boarding house. In 1900. the White House Association was established to save the property.


Confederation Bridge stretches for nine miles in what region of the Earth?

Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island, or "PEI," spans 2,184 square miles against the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island is comprised of small village centers, plush farmland and a scenic coastline.


The Alamo mission is where a gunfight occurred in February and March of 1836. Did this take place in Canada or the U.S.?

No one inside the Alamo mission survived the so-called "13 days to glory" battle at the Alamo mission. During Texas's 160th Independence Day, the location hosted a live re-enactment that featured actors in the plaza shooting live rounds of gunfire from rifles.


Where in the world can you find the big city park known as Stanley Park?

Vancouver, Canada's Stanley Park is surrounded mostly by water. A bike path lines the top of the park's long seawall, which offers scenic views of Vancouver and the encompassing waterways.


First Battle of Bull Run and Second Battle of Bull Run happened at Manassas National Battlefield Park, which is found in Canada or the U.S.?

Manassas National Battlefield Park is the place where the first major land fray of the American Civil War unfolded at adjacent Pageland Farm in the summer of 1861. Nearly a year later, the two sides battled it out at the same location. The Confederates won both times.


The Hockey Hall of Fame is set up in a 134-year-old former bank. Do you ID the correct destination?

Toronto hosts the Hockey Hall of Fame, located in the heart of the city's banking district within walking distance of Lake Ontario. The three-storied facility with a stained-glass ceiling is filled with plaques and other hockey memorabilia.


The Capilano Suspension Bridge and a totem pole park share the same grounds in ________?

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a 450-foot-long bridge for pedestrian foot traffic that stretches 230 feet above the Capilano River. The newer bridge was built in 1956. Scottish architect George Grant Mackay constructed the first bridge in the late 1800s.


Initially, Rideau Canal served a military purpose. How well do you understand the canal's geographical location?

A series of hand-operated locks helps to facilitate navigation in Ontario's Rideau Canal and interconnected water bodies. Built in the 19th century, the canal first served a military function; the lock station is a refurbished army blockhouse.


You'll find well-preserved ruins at Montezuma Castle National Monument. Try to pick the right region?

Located near Sedona, Arizona, the Montezuma Castle National Monument is a five-storied castle-like structure made of limestone. The Sinagua Indians built and inhabited the ruins during the 12th and 13th centuries.


Banff National Park covers 2,500 square miles. Can you determine the Canada or U.S. location?

A plethora of hiking trails wind throughout Banff National Park. The park is regarded as one of the most scenic destinations in the world for its majestic views of Alberta's Canadian Rockies.


St. John's has curvy streets with unusual names. Name its perfect locality?

Recently, the region's marketing arm, Destination St. John's, has initiated strategies to revise St. John's appeal. The firm's three-year strategy includes establishing a new website and conceptualizing digital tools to best promote the destination to sophisticated consumer travelers.


A historic battle occurred at Gettysburg National Military Park in 1863. In what region did it all take place?

The grounds of the Gettysburg National Military Park include a museum that displays a robust collection of artifacts from the Civil War. The nearby Gettysburg Train Station is where Abraham Lincoln passed through before delivering his two-minute Gettysburg Address about the war and its purpose.


Hotel de Glace boasts 44 rooms, some of which include fireplaces. Identify the territory?

Getting to Hotel de Glace, or Ice Hotel, is a 25-minute trek from downtown Quebec City. The hotel is made mostly out of ice, with an ambient temperature of 23 degrees. Rooms include sleeping bags that heat up to 75 degrees.


Choose the spot that's home to one of the world's largest Statue of Liberty sculptures?

Initially, Birmingham's Statue of Liberty was affixed to the Liberty National Insurance company in the city's downtown district. Just like the original statue in New York City, Birmingham's 10-ton, 31-foot-tall replica was cast in France.


In 1920, Kootenay National Park was established in Canada or the U.S.?

Kootenay National Park boasts an array of landscapes, from its northern glaciers to the rolling grasslands in the south. The park features canyons, high-peaked mountains, as well as natural perks like the Radium Hot Springs.


Chateau Frontenac is now a hotel and is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site based in ________?

Now called Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, the former fortress was established in 1893. Nestled inside the walls of Old Quebec, this luxury hotel with an Old European flair has 611 guestrooms.


Oak Alley Plantation was established in 1839 and opened to the public in 1976. Is this place in Canada?

Oak Alley Plantation offers a quarter mile of 300-year-old oak trees that frame a classic Greek revival mansion. There are several other renowned antebellum homes in St. James Parish, including St. Joseph Plantation, A Creole Plantation and Poche Plantation.


It's called Baranof Castle State Historic Site or Castle Hill. Where is it?

The Baranof Castle State Historic Site is where America purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867. The U.S. National Park Service manages the site that features Russian and indigenous Tlingit cultural artifacts and Tlingit totem poles.


Hoover Dam constructs Lake Mead, which measures 290 square miles. Please choose the dam's region?

Builders of Hoover Dam were paid 50 cents an hour, which was double the national wage average of the time in the early 1900s. During the summer months, sometimes workers were subjected to scorching temperatures that reached as high as 150 degrees.


Over 10,000 people lived at Manzanar from 1942 to 1945. Do you ID the area?

During World War II, the Manzanar War Relocation Center is where Japanese-Americans were involuntarily detained. Today, the former internment camp is a national historic site where remnants of Japanese gardens still remain.


You'll find Pilgrim Monument near trendy art galleries in ________?

The Pilgrim Museum is located in Provincetown, a Massachusetts, a town better known as an LGBTQ+ haven than a historic colonial destination. The Pilgrims ended up at Provincetown by accident; strong storm winds pushed the Mayflower, headed for Virginia, further north by a few hundred miles.


Mount Asgard was featured at the start of the James Bond flick "The Spy Who Loved Me." Choose the location: Canada or the U.S.?

Mount Asgard is said to have been made to withstand giants. The location was used in the Bond film as a substitute for the Alps. The opening ski-scene in which Rick Sylvester skied off the cliff of Mount Asgard before launching a parachute inspired the sport of BASE jumping.


Mesa Verde National Park has preserved remains left by the Ancestral Pueblo people. Where can you find these artifacts?

The Pueblo people inhabited the Mesa Verde region from 550 A.D. to 1300 A.D. President Theodore Roosevelt launched Mesa Verde National Park, home to over 5,000 ancient sites, in 1906 to "preserve the works of man."


Mystic Seaport is where there are roughly 1 million maritime photographs. Guess the correct site?

The Marine Historical Association, now known as Mystic Seaport, was established when three residents of Mystic, Connecticut signed the institution's incorporation papers in the 1920s. The museum also houses items like marine figureheads and tools that date back hundreds of years.


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