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What is the leading cause of obesity in dogs?

Overfeeding is the leading cause of obesity among dogs. Dogs do not need to eat as often as humans, and feeding them like humans often leads to obesity and a shorter lifespan.

About what percentage of dogs show signs of dental problems by age three?

An estimated 80% of dogs show signs of dental problems by the time they are three years old, but owners can help prevent dental disease with regular brushings, dental treats, and other recommendations from a veterinarian.

If you discover your dog has chewed something unapproved in the past, what should you do?

Disciplining a dog at any time outside the immediate occurrence is useless as the dog will not know why you are disciplining it. If you discover a mess of chewing, simply clean up the mess and don't try to discipline the dog.

Which of these actions is NOT a sign that a dog may bite?

A wagging tail is not a sign of aggression or an impending dog bite, but a flicking tongue, furrowed brow, an tense body are some indicators that a dog may bite.

What does the command "heel" mean?

"Heel" is a command that tells the dog to stay close to you. This can be particularly effective when in busy areas.

When you reward your dog every time he or she does a new behavior correctly, what is this called?

Continuous reinforcement is the act of rewarding the dog every time he or she performs a behavior you are trying to teach.

What is the name often used to describe non-dog food in relation to dogs?

"People food" is one term often used by dog owners to describe food for humans that should be limited or not given to dogs.

How often should you wash your dog?

Dog expert, Cesar Millan, says that a general rule is to bathe dogs once per month. If you want or need to bathe them more than that, use a shampoo with no soap or with a moisturizer to combat dry skin.

Which game is classified as aggressive by many dog professionals?

Many dog professionals classify tug-of-war as an aggressive game that should be avoided by owners looking to reduce biting or snapping in their dogs.

Which of these foods is toxic to dogs?

Chocolate is a very toxic food for dogs. Though the ingestion of chocolate may not be instantly deadly and side effects can often depend upon the weight of the dog in relation to the amount of chocolate eaten, dogs should be seen by a vet if any amount of chocolate or toxic substance is ingested.

Dogs may try to eat grass as a natural remedy for what ailment?

Dogs may seek grass as a remedy to a gassy or upset stomach because grass will most often make a dog vomit, therefore relieving the dog of the stomach ailment.

Besides overpopulation, which of these is a benefit of having your dog spayed or neutered?

Dogs who are spayed or neutered tend to live longer and have healthier lives, and some dogs may even experience improved behavior.

Which technology is now commonplace for identifying your dog?

Similar to an enhanced license, microchips can be embedded near a dog's shoulders which enable them to be found much more easily than with only a tag on their collar.

How old are puppies before they can develop full bladder control?

No matter what method of training is used, puppies can't develop full bladder control until they are six months of age. Some puppies may need longer than six months to fully develop the skill of asking to go outside to "do their business."

What type of harness is safest for dogs to wear when walking?

Nylon harnesses are the safest and most comfortable option for dogs to wear when walking. There are a variety of different harnesses for dogs based on their needs.

Which bodily function do dogs not share with humans?

Dogs can't sweat like humans, and they often overheat in vehicles and even on commercial flights. It's best to keep your dog at home while you're out on a hot summer day or in a safe kennel while you're traveling.

What is one way to stop your dog from eliminating in their crate?

Dogs typically do not like to eliminate in the same place where they sleep, but dogs that are small enough can eliminate in one corner of the crate and retreat to the other corner. Blocking off part of the crate helps to reduce this possibility.

Which of these is not a reason why dogs dig?

Dogs may dig for a variety of reasons including: entertainment, prey, comfort or protection, escape, and attention. Though our overactive minds might think so, dogs don't dig up our yards just to spite us.

Which of these is not a safe toy for a dog?

Thick ropes made for dogs with knots at the end, rubber dog bones, and squeaker-filled toys are safe toys for dogs. However, they should all be given only with supervision as dogs can ingest pieces of these toys that may cause harm. Water balloons are never okay in any circumstances.

Which of these is a health-related reason why a dog might bark too much?

If a dog is deaf, he or she may bark a lot because they can't hear themselves bark.

Which of these types of breeds is more prone to canine flatulence?

Breeds with "pushed in" faces such as boxers, bulldogs, and pugs breathe more through their mouths than their noses, and they therefore gulp in a lot of air when eating, thereby producing rather smelly gas.

How often should you walk your dog?

A general rule is that dogs should be walked at least 15 minutes twice per day, though some dogs may need more or less depending on the breed and energy level.

Which breed of dog is usually referred to as the worst swimmer?

Bulldogs are generally known as being the worst swimmer of all the dog breeds and are not built well for water activities. It's important to carefully supervise these dogs around water and even provide a life jacket for any dog that will be around rough water or has difficulty swimming.

Which of these is not a sign of heatstroke in dogs?

Vomiting, salivating, rapid panting, anxiety, collapsing and other symptoms are signs of heatstroke in dogs. Be sure to always let your dog have access to cool water and shade, being careful not to overexercise them.

What element of avocado is poisonous to dogs?

Persin is present in the fruit, leaves, seeds, and bark of avocado trees. Side effects for dogs who ingest persin include vomiting, diarrhea, and difficulty breathing. This substance is typically not harmful to humans though.

At what age are most breeds considered to be senior dogs?

Though the number is a little lower for large dogs and a little higher for small dogs, the average age a dog reaches senior status is the age of eight. Once they reach this age, it's best to increase their annual vet visits to twice per year.

What are vomiting, swollen belly, excessive coughing, fainting, and fever all symptoms of in dogs?

Fever, heavy breathing, excessive coughing, fainting, vomiting, and several others symptoms are all signs of heart problems in dogs. If you notice any of these signs, take your dog to your vet as soon as possible.

What condition may be indicated by unexplained weight loss, skin lesions, and abdominal distention in dogs?

Lumps and bumps, skin lesions, unexplained weight loss, tumors, and other symptoms can be signs of cancer in dogs. However, many of these symptoms can also relate to less serious problems; it's best to have any animal examined that displays these symptoms.

When back-to-school time occurs, dogs sometimes suffer from what?

Due to the change in schedules, dogs sometimes suffer from depression when the family gets into the back-to-school groove. Watch for signs of listlessness, loss of appetite, and not wanting to play.

German Shepherds, Border Collies, and sheep dogs all share what strong instinct?

Several breeds like Border Collies and German Shepherds have a strong herding instinct that can be fulfilled with activities like agility training or flying disc games.

Winning at tug-of-war, walking in front of other dogs, and stealing or guarding toys and food are traits of what type of dog?

Dominant dogs are known for many traits including stealing or guarding toys and food, mounting other dogs, and starting staring contests with other dogs. However, it's common to see traits of both dominance and submissiveness in the same dog.

It's best to communicate with dogs using what?

Energy and body language are the best ways to communicate with dogs. Long sentences are meaningless to dogs, and waving your hands around or making faces without accompanying energy or body language won't always result in the desired action.

Which of these is not a benefit of owning a purebred dog?

While purebred dogs have many benefits for owners, mixed breed dogs also have some great selling points. They typically have more stability in health and are less susceptible to disease.

Too much dietary fat in a dog's daily intake can cause what condition?

Pancreatitis can be caused by an excess of dietary fat in a dog's diet. If your dog already has this condition, a bland diet that is easily digestible is recommended.

How many breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club?

The American Kennel Club recognizes 167 breeds, but other organizations may recognize 340 breeds or more.

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