Do You Have It in You to Be a Marine?

By Teresa M. on March 12, 2018

About This Quiz

The United States Marines are a fierce and intelligent force that protects the country with pride. Whether you are thinking about a military career or you just want to make sure you're in top fighting form, this is the quiz for you! By the time we're done, we'll be able to tell if you have what it takes to be a Marine! 

Being a member of America's most elite forces takes a lot of physical and mental strength. With their "never leave a man behind" philosophy, the Marines are built to improvise, adapt, and overcome. With finely tuned senses and the world's best training, there are no situations the Marine's cannot handle. From peacetime to wartime, the Marines are the folks you want on your side! 

As we march our way through this quiz, we're going to put your physical and mental capabilities to the test. We'll examine the way you treat your body, the way you treat others, and your philosophies on overcoming trying times. We'll even check your level of patriotism. 

By the time we've finished, we'll be able to tell you how you would fare in the Marine Corps. Would you be saying, "Hoorah?" Or would you be crying for your mom? Let's find out! 

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