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How well do you remember GoldenEye? This James Bond classic introduced millions of '90s kids to an action-packed and suave portrayal of 007. A dark coiffure and a raised eyebrow made 007 an agent to remember.

Which actor plays the role of James Bond in the movie GoldenEye?

Pierce Brosnan played the role of James Bond in the movie GoldenEye. He was the fifth actor to portray the secret agent. He continued to play the role of James Bond for 3 additional movies.


What is James Bond's agent code number?

Bond works for the British Secret Intelligence Service. His code number is 007. The two zeroes are pronounced double-oh, and such numbers are reserved for the most elite agents.


In the opening scene of GoldenEye, Bond's mission is to infiltrate what?

Bond's target is the chemical weapons facility, located in Arkhangelsk, Russia. The facility is being used by the Soviet Union during the Cold War to produce chemical weapons. The mission is to enter the facility and destroy it.


What structure does Bond bungee jump from, in order to enter the facility?

Bond jumps from the top of a dam. He attaches a bungee cord to the top and makes the jump. The chemical weapons facility is located at the base of the dam.


Who does Bond rendezvous with, once inside the facility?

Bond meets up with fellow agent, Alec Trevelyan. He is also a 00 agent, with a code number of 006. Together they infiltrate the facility and rig it with explosives.


What time does Bond set on the explosive timers?

James Bond initially set the timers for 6 minutes. However, after Alec was captured by General Ourumov and subsequently shot, he reset the timers to 3 minutes. He assumed this would provide enough time to make an escape.


How does James Bond escape the chemical weapons facility?

Bond makes his escape by plane. He removes the pilot from the plane during takeoff, and he chases after it on a motorcycle. With the plane flying off the runway unmanned, he makes a skydiving leap into the plane and gets it under control before crashing.


What vehicle is Xenia Onatopp driving when racing against Bond?

A red Ferrari is the vehicle of choice for Xenia Onatopp. She and James Bond engage in a dangerous driving game down the mountain. Bond later notices that the vehicle is stolen.


What drink does Bond order while in the casino?

Bond orders a vodka martini, his usual drink. Although martinis are usually made with gin, vodka can be used as a substitute. Bond is very specific in the preparation; he requests that the drink be shaken, not stirred.


What do Xenia and her partner steal?

Xenia and her partner murder the helicopter pilots scheduled to perform a flying demonstration. They steal the Tiger Eurocopter. It is a high-tech helicopter developed by the French.


What group is Xenia suspected to be involved with?

Xenia is involved with the crime syndicate Janus (pronounced Yah-nus). The name is derived from the two-faced Roman god. The crime syndicate operates out of St. Petersburg, Russia.


What is unique about the Tiger Eurocopter?

The Tiger Eurocopter is a high-tech helicopter developed by the French. It can resist electromagnetic pulses, or EMPs for short. EMPs are a type of radiation that can destroy any object with an electric circuit.


What agency does Boris Grishenko hack into?

Boris hacks the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It does not take long before the intrusion is detected. However, Boris sends a "spike," which jams the modems on the receiving end and they cannot hang up.


Who arrives at the Severnaya communications outpost unannounced?

General Ourumov arrives in Severnaya unannounced. Xenia is with him, and together they arrive in the stolen helicopter. The general announces he is here to observe a surprise inspection.


What does General Ourumov steal?

During the inspection procedure, Ourumov orders the commanding officer to hand over the activation keys for the GoldenEye satellite. The GoldenEye is a nuclear warhead orbiting the earth that is capable of producing an electromagnetic pulse. Once Ourumov has the keys to the satellite, Xenia attempts to kill everyone at the outpost.


Which city is the first target of the GoldenEye weapon?

The first target of the GoldenEye is Severnaya. The EMP blast will destroy the outpost, along with any trace of the GoldenEye being stolen. Ourumov and Xenia make their getaway in the Eurocopter, which can safely resist the EMP blast.


Other than Boris, who survives the blast at Severnaya?

Natalya Simonova survives the blast produced from the GoldenEye. The satellite dish on the roof of the outpost crashes through the ceiling, providing Natalya a way to escape. She looks for Boris outside, as she believes he may have survived.


How many clicks are required to arm Q's pen grenade?

Q developed a Class-4 grenade in the shape of a pen. Three clicks of the pen will arm the grenade; another three clicks disarms it. Thanks to Q, the pen is truly mightier than the sword.


Where does Boris tell Natalya to meet him?

Boris tells Natalya to meet at a church. She trusts Boris, but she does not know of his involvement with Janus. The meet ends up being a trap and Natalya is captured.


When Bond arrives in Russia, he meets Jack Wade from what organization?

Bond arrives in St. Petersburg and meets with Jack Wade. Jack works for the United States Central Intelligence Agency. The two are both investigating the incident in Severnaya.


Who does Jack Wade mention has information about Janus?

Valentin Zukovsky is an ex-KGB agent who Bond has run into before. Zukovsky is one of Janus's business rivals and the only known connection to their leader. Zukovsky informs Bond that the Janus leader is a Lienz Cossack, a group of people betrayed by England; almost all of them were executed by Stalin.


The place where Bond meets the leader of Janus is a graveyard for what?

Bond meets the leader of Janus in a statue graveyard. The leader reveals himself; it is Alec Trevelyan. His face has been disfigured because of the explosion nine years ago at the Arkhangelsk chemical weapons facility. Bond attempts to kill Alec, but he is instead captured.


Where does Bond discover he is trapped, after his capture by Janus?

Bond regains consciousness after his capture, discovering he is trapped inside the Tiger Eurocopter. Natalya is sitting behind him, also trapped in the helicopter. The helicopter has been set to target its own missiles at itself, leaving Bond seconds to escape by hitting the eject button.


Who takes Bond and Natalya into custody, after they survive the helicopter explosion?

After Bond and Natalya escape from the helicopter explosion, they are immediately arrested by the Russians. Defense Minister Dmitri Mishkin takes them into custody. He accuses them of stealing the GoldenEye and terrorizing Russia, sentencing them to death.


What information does Natalya reveal to Mishkin?

Natalya tells Defense Minister Mishkin that Ourumov stole the GoldenEye from Severnaya. She also tells Mishkin there is another GoldenEye satellite. At that moment, Ourumov barges into the room and kills Mishkin, framing Bond for the murder. However, Bond and Natalya escape from Ourumov.


What room do Bond and Natalya hide in after escaping interrogation?

Bond and Natalya make their way into the Russian Military Archives. There are stores of records and information. Ourumov pursues them and he eventually recaptures Natalya. Bond makes his escape through a window.


What vehicle does Bond steal in order to pursue Ourumov?

Ourumov and Natalya get into a car and drive away from the archives. James Bond gets into a Russian tank and drives after them. The tank is large and powerful, capable of breaking down walls and crushing cars.


What vehicle is being used as Janus's mobile headquarters?

Ourumov takes Natalya to Janus's mobile headquarters. The mobile HQ is on an old Russian missile train. The missile train is heavily armored and difficult to target and destroy. However, Bond parks the tank on the tracks and derails the train.


What is the password used to hack Boris's servers?

While trapped on Janus's train, Natalya sees that Boris is online. Boris was always proud of his password games. However, Natalya uses his password, "chair," to send him a spike, disabling his ability to hang up his modem.


In what country is Boris hiding?

After Natalya spikes Boris's server, she discovers Boris is hiding in Cuba. However, she is not able to determine the exact location. Bond grabs Natalya from the computer just as the train is about to explode.


What structure is Bond looking for in Cuba, which will lead them to Janus?

Bond determines that Janus needs to have a satellite dish in order to communicate with the second GoldenEye satellite. However, the dish would have to be large. Jack Wade says the US hasn't seen a structure of that magnitude.


What does Jack Wade let Bond borrow to help him find the satellite dish?

Jack Wade lets Bond borrow his airplane to search for the hidden satellite dish. He needs to fly low to avoid detection on radar. However, the plane is hit by a missile and downed in the jungle.


Where was the satellite dish hidden?

After their plane crashes in the jungle, Bond and Natalya make their way back to the lake. They discover a satellite antenna structure is rising from the lake. The lake water is also draining, revealing the bottom of the lake to be a large satellite dish.


What city is the chosen target of the second GoldenEye weapon?

Alec has the GoldenEye set to target London, England. The plan is to hack the London banks and transfer money moments before the GoldenEye strikes. The GoldenEye EMP blast will erase any record of the money transfers.


How is the GoldenEye stopped from reaching its target?

While in the command station, Natalya hacks the satellite. The satellite is sent off course, while Boris tries to reverse the damage Natalya caused. In the meantime, Bond tries to permanently destroy the satellite dish. Alec is killed while trying to stop Bond, and the GoldenEye satellite is destroyed when it enters the atmosphere.


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