Do You Embrace the Horror? American Horror Story, Season 1, Quiz

By: Jouviane Alexandre
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

Are you a fan of the FX original series, American Horror Story? If you tune in every season to watch the new stories unfold, test your season 1 knowledge of AHS with this quiz!

What is the subtitle for the first season of "American Horror Story"?

What's the last name of the family who lives in the "Murder House"?

What city was the Harmon family moving from?

What's the name of Ben and Vivien's daughter?

Ben Harmon has what job when they reach Los Angeles?

Which actor plays Tate, a friend of Violet's?

Who is the Harmon's next door neighbor?

Whose child is Vivien pregnant with?

Who were Maria and Gladys?

Who kills Hayden, the student Ben had an affair with?

When Larry digs a hole in the backyard to bury Hayden's body, whose remains does he find?

Who killed Moira and buried her body in the backyard?

How many children did Constance have?

On what day does Constance's last child, Addie, die?

How did Tate's character die in the show?

What's the name of the urban legend in Season 1 that will kill anyone who says a specific mantra in the mirror?

Which of the members of the Harmon family attempts suicide?

When Vivien asks Constance about work, what does Constance tell her she does?

What is the mascot of Westfield High, Tate's old high school?

When Tate gives Violet a flower, what kind of flower is it?

What organ does Moira tell Vivien is best eaten raw?

What did Addie want to dress up as for Halloween?

Who kills Ben Harmon?

Who gave birth to the Anti-Christ?

Who does Tate tell Ben he fantasizes about killing?

After she moved out initially, who does Constance move back into the Murder House with?

Who said this memorable quote: "You're gonna die in there."

What is Constance stealing from the Murder House in the pilot episode?

Who killed Constance's son, Beauregard?

Who set Larry on fire?

What part of the house is Beau's ghost stuck in?

Who's murder was framed to look like a murder suicide but actually wasn't?

Whose death was actually a murder suicide?

Who gives Violet the sleeping pills that she ultimately overdoses on?

Which of these characters are still alive at the end of the first season?

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