Which Disney Princess would you be mistaken for?

By: Teresa M.
Image: The Movie DB

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You are so elegant, graceful, and full of personality that it's easy to see why people would mistake you for a Disney Princess! Let's find out which princess you could be mistaken for!

Which Disney prince do you think is the most handsome?

If you were a princess, how large would you want your tiara?

Which non-animated Disney film do you like most?

Which Disney princess do you think has the most empathy?

Which "Beauty and the Beast" character do you like most?

What would you take to a tea party with the Disney princesses?

Which Disney villain do you despise the most?

Which Disney theme song do you like most?

Which of the Seven Dwarfs would your friends say you are most like?

Which Pixar movie did you enjoy the most?

What physical feature do you share with your mom?

What do you think you job would be in a royal court?

Which Disney princess undergoes the most drastic transformation?

Which "Mickey Mouse Club" character did you like most as a kid?

Which animated television series do you like most?

Which celebrity do you think is the best real life Cinderella?

Which "Finding Dory" character do you think you are most like?

Which Disney princess do you think has the best fashion sense?

Which of the Disney princesses do you think would be the best teacher?

What do you think your strongest quality?

Which princess do you think you get your eyes from?

Which "Alice in Wonderland" character would you dress as for a costume party?

What was your favorite subject in school?

Who is the first person you will tell about your Disney princess lineage?

Which Disney World attraction would you most like to visit?

Which ride would you ride at Disney World?

What do you think is your worst quality?

How will you celebrate finding out your Disney princess ancestry?

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

What do you think is Elsa's best trait?

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