Design Your Super Costume and We'll Reveal Which Superheroine You Are

By: Teresa M.
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What would your super costume look like? We already know you're a superheroine, but what on earth would you wear to fight crime? You need a super costume that not only sends a message to unsuspecting criminals, but you also need it to reflect your own personal style! Designing your costume will make you feel even more empowered, so let's take a look at what you would choose. 

Not all super costumes are created equal. While some come with capes, others come with hidden crime-fighting tools. Some costumes are tight and form-fitting, and others leave plenty of room for you to grow. Whether you are more like the invisible Susan Storm or as super sexy as Cat Woman, your costume should let others know that you are on the case and ready to capture criminals before they do any more harm in the world. Creating your own costume will surely help you feel powerful, fearless, and ready for action.

If you're ready to find out which superheroine your super costume would turn you into, this is the quiz for you! Once you get the results, you'll have concrete proof of your alter ego, and you'll be ready to take on the world. Up, up and away!

What kind of shoes would complete your costume?

Would your costume have a cape?

Will you wear gloves when you fight crime?

Does your costume hug your body tightly?

Which color combination would you choose for your costume?

Which superpower would you prefer to have?

Which Disney villain would you like to out dress?

Which male superhero would you like to match?

What kind of underwear would you wear under a super costume?

Would your costume have a belt?

Where would you shop for a super costume?

What word would you want your costume to convey?

What kind of bra would you wear under your costume?

Would you have any hair accessories?

How different from your every day clothes would your crime fighting costume be?

What must a super costume be to make you most effective?

How should your super costume make you feel?

Have you ever worn a super costume?

Would you have a super sidekick like Batman?

What weapon might your costume conceal?

Would anyone know that you're a superheroine?

What is the most important thing about being a superheroine?

How much time would you spend every day saving innocent citizens?

Are you in good shape?

Would you wear any jewelry with your costume?

Would you carry a super handbag?

Who is the biggest villain you know?

Would you work in conjunction with local police?

What material would you prefer your costume be made from?

Would you have a superheroine theme song?

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