Design Your Perfect Home and We'll Guess Your Dream Job!

By: Khadija Leon
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Do you remember what job you dreamed of having when you were a child? Did you go through with it or did you choose to do something else?

The most popular dream jobs include a career in medicine such as a doctor, one in entertainment such as dancing, acting, or singing, one in education, one as an athlete in a team or individual sports, and one in the creative industry whether it is fashion or writing.

Most people spend many years trying to achieve their dream jobs, whether it is working hard at school, or working hard to make their way up the ladder. While many people's dream jobs are based on the salary that it comes with, others do it because it is what makes them happy. 

Will this quiz be able to identify what your dream job is? Will it be something in aviation, something in the culinary industry, something in the healthcare industry or will it be something in the entertainment industry? There is only one way to find out if we can get it right, and that's by taking this quiz!

What style of decor are you going for?

Which of these interior designers would you hire?

Which of these home improvement shows do you watch for inspiration?

How much money is too much to spend on a house?

Where would you prefer your house to be?

Which of these housing issues are you most afraid of?

What would you do with leftover money in your home design budget?

When you look out the window, what would you like to see?

How many acres of land do you want in your backyard?

What kind of trees/plants will you put on your front lawn?

Which of these water features would you like to have?

Which of these original features would you keep?

Which of these is your biggest priority?

What type of door would you choose for your front door?

Which of these colors would you paint your living room?

What type of staircase are you considering putting in?

How many people can sit at your dining room table?

Which of these light fixtures will you place in your living room?

What will your kitchen counter be made from?

How often will you be entertaining guests?

How many bedrooms do you want in the house?

How many pillows will you be putting on your bed?

Which of these is a must have for your master suite?

Which of these bathroom fixtures do you prefer?

What do you do with your accent wall?

What type of window treatments are you going to buy?

Which of these would you turn your extra room into?

What theme would you design a kid's bedroom in?

Where would you put tiles?

Which US city would you like a vacation home in?

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