Design the Perfect '90s Outfit and We'll Guess Which Teen Heartthrob Is Your Soulmate!

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The 1990s was an iconic time in pop culture. While we love the music and movies, today, we're focusing on the fashion! Take out all the major trends and design the perfect '90s outfit. We'll tell you which teen heartthrob is your soulmate!

If you grew up in the '90s, you're probably biased that this decade was the best! The 1990s was an iconic time for TV, film, music, and fashion. Right now, we're focusing on the major fashion trends from the '90s!

In the 2010s, many fashion trends from the '90s have returned. Women have been spotted wearing chokers, crop tops, and high waist jeans. While the younger generation might think these are new styles, every '90s kid knows these styles originated in their decade.

If you had to design an outfit, which '90s trends would you use? Would you pair a crop top with high waist jeans or cargo pants? When it comes to jewelry, would you choose a choker or a mood ring? The decade was also filled with denim on denim, overalls, and plaid. 

While you might not know it, your style could lead you to your teen heartthrob soulmate! If your style is laid back and chill, you'd be perfect for the Fresh Prince, Will Smith. If you're a little preppy, you'd probably be better suited for Mario Lopez. Maybe your soulmate is James Van Der Beek or Leonardo DiCaprio!

There's only one way to find out! Design your perfect '90s outfit and we'll tell you which heartthrob would be hanging on to your every word!

They'd be busy falling in love with you just like you're about to fall in love with this quiz. Let's go!

Where are you planning on going today?

Which teen deodorant do you have?

Which earrings are you showing off to your friends?

What kind of shirt are you wearing?

What are you wearing over your shirt?

Which bralette would you choose?

Where did you go school shopping at?

What kind of skirt would you wear?

What kind of pants would you wear?

Which bracelet would you wear?

Which eyeshadow color was your go-to color?

Which lippie adorns your lips?

Which body spray do you cover yourself in?

What do you throw all of your stuff in?

If your mom yelled at you to dress warmer, what do you throw on?

Which necklace is in all of your teenaged pictures?

How does your bestie do your hair?

Which cool keychain do you grab on your way out the door?

Which socks do you throw on?

Which pair of shoes were your favorite in the '90s?

Which hat did you love wearing?

What is the last fun accessory you throw on?

Which hair accessory did you always have in your purse?

Which fake tattoo do you pick from the toy vending machine?

Which song do you jam to in the car?

How will you arrive in style?

What part of your best friends outfit are you super jealous of?

Which store at the mall do you and your friends always hit up?

What did you usually end up buying at the mall?

Where would you post a selfie of your throwback outfit?

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