Design a Royal Wedding and We'll Tell You Which Real-Life Tiara You Should Wear

By Teresa M. on May 02, 2018

About This Quiz

Have you been dreaming of your own royal wedding since you were small? Thanks to this quiz, you get to become the royal bride of your dreams! Design your royal wedding down to the flowers and the guests, and we'll give you a real-life tiara to wear to all your formal functions! Will you sport a Cartier tiara like Kate Middleton, or will your very own tiara be something a little more classic? 

When you walk to the aisle to marry your prince, how many feet long will your train trail behind you? Whether you get married at a private, family function, or you choose the world's largest cathedral is completely up to you. After we see the way you put together your royal wedding, we will have a great sense of the famous, real-life tiara that will look best resting upon your newly royal head. Share the intimate details of your ceremony with us, and we'll fit you like the princess that we know you already are. 

Grab your something borrowed and something blue for this quiz! We're sure you'll get enough of the new once you've taken up residence in your new castle! Let's find out what tiara you'll be wearing as you saunter around your new home.

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