Design a Myspace Page and We'll Guess Which Bath & Body Works Scent You Are!

By: Teresa M.
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Sugar, spice, and everything nice! We're throwing it back to the days of Myspace! The early 2000s probably had you planning out the perfect Myspace page, and now, it's time to do it again! Design a Myspace Page and we'll tell you which Bath & Body Works scent you are!

Myspace helped launch the social media world into what it is! Founded in 2003, it was a social networking website that gave its users the opportunity to add their peers or make friends with people around the world. Myspace gave its users the ability to design their page. You could choose the background and pick music. You could even decide who your Top 8 friends were. Top 7 actually because who could forget about Tom, one of the founders!

Many of us put our personality into our pages, and many of the things we buy, including our perfume, go with it. If you design your Myspace page, what Bath & Body Works fragrance goes with you?

Bath and Body Works was founded in 1990 and specialized in scented "bath and body" products. They have popular scents such as Warm Vanilla Sugar, Japanese Cherry Blossoms, and Twilight Woods. Which scent would you be based on your Myspace page?

Does your page reflect a bubbly personality? You might be like Champagne Toast! Are you a combination of sweet, spice, and everything nice? Your scent could be Pumpkin Cupcake. There's only one way to find out for sure!

Design a Myspace page and we'll tell you which Bath & Body Works Scent You Are!

Tom will thank you!

Who was your first Myspace friend?

Where did you get your Myspace theme?

Which color combination would you choose for a Myspace page?

How similar are your Facebook and your Myspace profiles?

Which Bath & Body Works product do you buy most often?

Which Myspace body type would you choose?

What type of song would be your first profile song on Myspace these days?

How did you choose your Top Friends?

What did you like least about Myspace?

What sort of wallpaper would your Myspace profile have now?

How do you usually take your profile pictures?

What is the first thing you noticed about someone else's Myspace page?

Which social media platform do you think is inferior to Myspace?

How often do you go to Bath & Body Works?

Which Myspace alert would make you most excited now?

How important to you is it to have tons of Myspace friends?

Do you remember Tom's last name?

Do you miss Myspace's moving profile pictures?

Did you thank people for befriending you on Myspace?

How many quotes would be in your About Me Section?

How often would you put out a Myspace bulletin?

Which more modern feature do you think would have made your Myspace profile more interesting?

Did you listen to the music on your friends' profiles?

Did you accept friend requests from people you didn't know?

Do you miss glitter graphics?

Did you turn your profile songs on autoplay?

Which high school stereotype would best sum up your Myspace profile?

Do you have a favorite Bath & Body Works scent?

How often did you use Myspace to send messages?

Would you have added a mobile version of Myspace to your phone?

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