Design a Myspace Page and We'll Guess Which High School Stereotype You Were!

By Teresa M. on February 04, 2018

About This Quiz

Did you ever get into an argument over your Top 8 Friends? You know what we mean! Remember back in the good old days of social networking when your best friend would be miffed if you didn't include them on your Myspace profile? Travel back in time with us and design your dream Myspace Page, and we'll guess what group you, and your best friend, belonged to in high school! 

Did you have a glittering avatar or did you pose for a selfie with the camera above your head? How well did you learn HTML just so your profile could look more unique than that of anyone you know? The way you choose to build your page, the way you organize your friends and the notification that gets you most excited will go along way in placing you in the high school stereotype you were back then. You might have learned how to embed your favorite song on your profile, or you might have changed your playlist every day. Back then, Myspace was the big thing, and you knew how to work it! 

Think about your old friend Tom, and then tell us about the rest of your page! We're dying to know if you were a stoner, a geek, or something else! 

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