Design a Medieval Castle and We'll Guess Which Princess You Were in a Past Life

By: Talin Vartanian
Image: Wiki Commons by Miguel303xm

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Medieval castles were once the homes of many kings, queens, princes and princesses during the Middle Ages. Though this may sound like a long time ago, some of these castles are still standing today! Ever heard of the Rochester Castle, Warwick Castle or Dover Castle? You can find these medieval castles in England today, since many royal members have ruled over this territory in the past.

But medieval castles weren't just built to look pretty on a piece of land. They had to be built in a special way to protect the servants and members of a royal family. Many turrets, towers and even water defenses were built to prevent sieges from occurring. If a siege were to occur, the attackers would typically utilize a mix of catapults, fire arrows, battering rams and ladders. In some cases, attackers would also "mine" their way through the underground tunnels of a medieval castle. This was a very sneaky way of getting into a castle without being caught. 

Now that we've talked a little bit about castles, it's time for you to build one with this medieval quiz. Tell us how you would construct the castle of your dreams, and we'll tell you what princess you were in a past life!

Location is very important when designing a medieval castle. Where will yours be located?

Think about the geography that will surround your castle. What will it look like?

Get out your tools, because it's time to build your castle. Which material will you choose?

When you picture your medieval castle, is it extravagant and grand or is it rather small?

Which of these famous castles would you like your personal medieval castle to resemble?

Think about the construction of your castle. Will it be a shell keep or a rectangular keep?

Would you like a moat to surround the perimeter of your medieval castle?

When thinking about the interior of your medieval castle, how will the staircases look?

Do you want your medieval castle to look sleek and modern or ancient and historical?

How will you gain access to the secret passages in your medieval castle?

What kinds of weapons will you arm your guards with?

Will your medieval castle have a beautiful zen garden in the bailey?

How will you handle enemy forces who have been caught by your guards?

What types of candles will adorn the interior walls of your medieval castle?

Will the windows of your medieval castle be tinted or clear?

Many medieval castles stored alcohol in a special room called the buttery. What types of alcohol will you be storing in there?

How will you keep food cold and safe during the harsh winter months?

Mice and rats can become a problem in a medieval castle. What types of house pets will take care of this matter in your castle?

What types of birds will you keep in the dovecote of your medieval castle?

Your medieval castle may include a variety of servants to help you with cleaning duties. Where will they be staying?

Think about the food that you will indulge in within the great hall of your castle. Will the cuisine be grand and expensive or more like fast food?

How many bedchambers will your medieval castle have for your friends and family?

Some medieval castles had a chapel for spiritual prayers. Will your castle have one?

Along with guards, what weapons or machinery will provide a defense for your medieval castle?

Will your medieval castle hold any festivals, jousts or tournaments on its grounds?

Your medieval castle will need some furniture for you to rest on. What type of furniture will you require?

Some castles had a bakery to supply fresh bread. Will your medieval castle have a bakery?

Many medieval castles had stables for horses. What types of horses will you keep on your castle grounds?

Which of the following would you love to have in the courtyard of your medieval castle?

Can you choose one of these fountains to adorn the front of your medieval castle?

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