Design a House and We'll Guess Which "Charmed" Witch You Are

By: Teresa M.
Image: Turner Broadcasting System

About This Quiz

Running on the WB from 1998-2008, "Charmed" kept loyal audiences coming back week after week. After accidentally discovering their witchy lineage and the power of three, the Halliwell sisters embraced their new found talents to keep the world safe from evil forces. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes endearing, Prue, Piper, Paige, and Phoebe made "Charmed" the mega-hit it grew to become! 

If you've ever wondered with of the "Charmed" sisters you are most like, this is the quiz for you. Through designing a home any way you choose, we'll be able to pick up on enough of your personality and your lifestyle to match you with a Halliwell sister. Are you into flowers and practical grace like Piper, or are you less subtle like Prue or Phoebe? The things you choose to add to your rooms and the features you choose for your house will help us to see inside your own magical capacity and tell you which sister you are! 

Whether you go for stainless steel or all-black appliances will give us some very telling clues about your brand of witchcraft. It's the little things that will let your unique spirit shine through! Let's find out which Halliwell you are! 

What kind of flowers would you plant near your front door?

How many bathrooms would your house have?

What kind of countertops would you have in your kitchen?

Which luxury feature would you want in your bathroom?

Would you have any stained glass in your house?

Would your kitchen have a wine fridge?

Which kind of bonus room would you like to have?

How many floors would your dream house have?

What would you do with spare attic space?

Do you like carpeting on stairways?

How would you use wallpaper in your house?

What feature would you like in an outdoor space?

Where would your dream home be located?

Would you ever paint a room black?

What fabric would use to cover a sofa?

Are you a fan of overhead lighting?

Would you add a lot of houseplants to sunny spots in your house?

Do you like open-planned homes?

Which word best sums up your sense of design?

Would you hang a lot of family photos on your walls?

Where would you add a home office?

How many televisions would your home have?

Do you prefer larger homes or smaller, more efficient homes?

Which celebrity's home would you most like to see in person?

Would your master bathroom have a separate shower stall?

What color kitchen appliances do you prefer?

Which room of your home would you cast a spell in?

Which room would you paint in the darkest colors?

Would you add a nursery to your house?

Would you ever add carpet to a bathroom or kitchen?

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