Design a House and We'll Guess Your Current Relationship Status

By: Kennita Leon
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"If my heart was a house, you'd be home!" Is your dream home a bachelor-style condo or maybe a Victorian-styled home for four? Design your ideal home and we'll take a guess at your relationship status!

Many of you spent your childhood and maybe even some of your adulthood living in your parents' house. It might've been all you could dream of or maybe it fell short! From condos and apartments to townhouses and mansions, what is your dream house?

While the type of house is important, it's often the things inside that make it perfect. What are you filling your house with? Would you prefer a large kitchen and family room? After these two rooms, would you put all your design into the bedroom, where you often entertain guests? Are you having an outdoor pool installed to bask in the summertime sun?

If you're single, your home might be centered around enjoying your youth and relationship-free status! For those who are building homes with multiple bedrooms and a two car garage, you might be married with a family in the making! Maybe you're stuck in a complicated relationship! Rather than building a permanent home, you're designing something temporary.

Let us take a guess! Design a house and we'll guess if you're single, taken, or checking off the "it's complicated" box!

First things first. Where are you building this home?

What do you want to see when you look at the window of your finished home?

What kind of architecture speaks to you the most?

Who, besides you, is designing this house?

How big is this house going to be?

How many people will be living in it?

How many bedrooms do you plan on building?

And how many bathrooms?

What will the house be made of?

What size bed is going into the master?

If you had to choose one of these color schemes for your bedroom, which would it be?

If carpet was an option for the guest bedroom, what kind would it be?

The kitchen counter tops will be made out of...

Dining room or not?

How would you like the flooring to be?

Assuming your house is more than one level, what kind of stairs are you installing?

What special feature does your garden have?

Which one last addition would you add to your home?

The house is finally done. What color are you painting it?

What's the front door going to be like?

In what style are you decorating it?

You think you want to do a feature wall. What are you planning on doing?

How do you feel about wallpaper?

What feature did you make sure was in your bedroom?

And when it comes to wall art, what do you usually like?

Now a few short questions about you. Last year, what was your relationship status?

Are you happier when you're single or in a relationship?

For what reason did most of your relationships end?

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

Do you believe in fairytale endings?

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