Design a House and We'll Guess How Many Kids You'll Have

By: Jennifer Post
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It's hard to find the perfect house; one that feels like it was made just for you. So, why not literally have a house that was made just for you? Of course, you can renovate a house and make it your own, but why not just start from scratch? With the access to things like Pinterest and Instagram, inspiration boards are everywhere. Then there's television shows like Fixer Upper that give watchers envy with every single episode. 

You want your home to be comfortable and a place that you actually want to come home to. It should be a place where you make memories and displays your favorite items from travels, or special gifts that you've been given. Maybe it's even a place where you can see your kids running around in the backyard, hurrying down the stairs and off to school, and lounging in the living room where they will have sleepovers with their friends.

The type of house you design might give us insight into how many kids you'll have, if any. Maybe you like more high-end finishes that aren't so kid friendly, or you want just enough space for you and your plants. That's okay too! Whatever design elements you choose to make your house feel like a home is up to you. Think we can guess how many kids you'll have based on those choices? Take this quiz and find out!

What color couch would you never have?

Is a coffee table really necessary?

Will you let your kids pick the color for their bedroom?

Eat-in kitchen or formal dining room?

What type of flooring works best for your family?

Will you put in a pool?

How many floors will your house have?

How many bedrooms is ideal?

How many bathrooms do you want?

Will you finish the basement?

What material will you kitchen counter tops be?

Will you install ceiling fans?

Do you want a double oven or single?

Is a dishwasher a must?

Will you bother putting in wired lines for a phone?

Do you want a big yard?

What style driveway are you putting in?

What will the exterior of your house look like?

Will you have a guest house?

Will you leave space for a vegetable garden?

What size garage do you dream of?

Where are you getting your furniture from?

What kind of fireplace do you want?

What type of couch suits your needs?

Built-in bookshelves or no?

How many windows per room would you like?

How important are decks/porches to you?

What type of roof will you have installed?

Do you want a big entrance-way when you first walk through the front door?

What is the ideal location for your house?

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