Design a Dorm Room and We'll Give You a Disney Princess Roommate!

By Teresa M. on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

If you've ever wanted to know which Disney princess you are, this is the best way to do it! Design your very own dorm room in any way you like, and we'll be able to tell which of the legendary princesses you share the most in common with. Can interior design really tell such things? You bet it can! 

There's no spending limit to make your perfect dorm room, so feel free to splash out as much as you like. As long as we get a good feeling for who you are as a person through the things you choose, we're sure we'll make you smile when we let you know with princess you live your life most like. From carpeting choices to storage, every aspect of your dorm room is up to you. You can be as creative or as practical as you like! Whether you prefer a serene and relaxing oasis or you like to be the party room on the floor, your design choices will give away which crown you should wear. 

Will you be a neat freak with plenty or organizing items like Snow White, or will your mess only make sense to you like a rebellious Cinderella? Choose some furniture and a place to study! We're going to find out. 

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