Design a Bedroom and We'll Rate Your Decorating Skills Out of 10!

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About This Quiz

Let's go on an imaginary decorating spree, and make your bedroom the stuff magazines feature. Your choices will tell you just how skilled you are in the interior decorating department!

Would you like to have a fireplace in your bedroom?

What color family would you paint the walls?

Where would you shop for special pieces of furniture?

Which decorating theme do you like most?

What sort of window treatment would you want in your bedroom?

Would you add a television to your bedroom?

What style of bed would you put in your bedroom?

Do you like to refinish old furniture to match your decorating theme?

What sheet thread count would you put on the bed?

Where would you shop for art?

Which style of night stand would you choose?

How large will your bedroom closet be?

Will you have a sofa in your bedroom?

Do you prefer a desk or a vanity in the bedroom?

What kind of rug would you put in your bedroom?

What type of headboard do you prefer?

How many pillows will you have in your bedroom?

Will your bedroom have a master bathroom?

What kind of lighting will your bedroom have?

What will you top the bed with?

How much money would you need to decorate a room to your standards?

What kind of view would you like to have from your bedroom window?

Do you spend a lot of time in your bedroom?

What floor of your home would you like your bedroom to be on?

What silly extra would you like to have in your bedroom?

Would you like to have a skylight in your bedroom?

What pattern might you use in your bedroom?

Will you have fresh flowers in your room?

Which HGTV decorating show will you watch for inspiration?

What size bed will your bedroom have?

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