Describe Yourself to Us and We'll Guess Which Disney Princess You Are

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There are over seven billion people in the world that we live in, so there are people out there who look like us. Apart from twins and other multiples, there is a possibility that there is somebody out there who has many of the same physical features as you and can probably be mistaken for you.

Have you ever stopped to think that there is also a possibility that there is a fictional character which looks like you, specifically a Disney princess? With new princesses being created every few years, those that already exist come from many different races and parts of the world. They all have unique features, some of which many of us share with them, and as such we could pass as the real-life version of the princesses.

Its one thing to look like a princess but another to act like one. Will you have the personality to go along with the looks or is the only thing that you have in common? Will you look good in their iconic dresses or will you look better in an updated wardrobe? To find out the answer to all of these questions and more, you should take this quiz!

How do you style your hair on a daily basis?

What color eyes do you have?

How tall are you?

How would you describe your build?

What is your current hair color?

How long is your hair?

What is the texture of your hair?

How would you describe the size of your forehead?

Whose crown/tiara would look best on you?

Which of these is closest to the shape of your face?

Which of these do you have on your face?

What are the shape of your eyes?

Which of these words best describes you nose?

How would you describe your mouth?

What are the color of your lips?

What is your ethnicity?

Which of your body parts is your favorite?

What is the first thing that people notice about you?

What do people compliment you on most often?

Who in your family have you been told that you look like?

Are you the fairest of all the people in your family?

Which celebrity do you look like?

Which of these words best describes your personality?

How would you describe your complexion?

How would you describe your style?

How often do you change it up?

Which castle would hold all of you clothing?

Who would you swap clothing with?

Which color best complements your complexion?

How much makeup do you wear?

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