Describe Your Perfect Home to Joanna Gaines and We'll Show You Which Fixer Upper You Would Get!

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Joanna Gaines seems like the kind of person that you really could just sit down and talk about your hopes and dreams with. Especially if those hopes and dreams are related to your perfect home. It's easy to think that Joanna and Chip have always been where they are now, but that's not the case. They have grown their family, their business and their popularity over the years, but there was a point when they struggled to make ends meet. This makes Joanna relatable and inspirational. Just read one of the many books Joanna and Chip have written, and you'll realize just how much of yourself you can see in them. Having your perfect home isn't impossible.

But if your style is kind of all over the place and you find yourself fawning over every single re-do in "Fixer Upper," this quiz can help you narrow down your likes and dislikes. It can be hard to really think about what you want in your perfect home, because there are countless options for every corner of a home out there on the market. 

Pretending to sit down with Joanna and going over your perfect home might help you calm down and really think about what you want. Do just that in this quiz, and we'll show you which "Fixer Upper" house you would get!

What color do you envision your house being?

Is there a certain location you want to be in?

How spacious do you want the home to be?

Do you need a lot of space for gardens?

Is your perfect home one that's just for you or for your whole family?

Are you picturing hardwood floors in your home?

How much furniture do you want to be able to have in the main living room?

Do you want the kitchen to be the biggest room?

If you're anticipating guests, how many extra bedrooms do you want?

Are you picturing every bedroom having its own bathroom?

How about a porch? Does your perfect home include one of those?

How will you want the front yard landscaped?

Let's talk windows. How many do you want?

What vibe do you want your home to give off?

Does your perfect home leave room for growth?

What will the kids' rooms be like, if there are any?

Is there a pool?

Is your perfect home in a good school district?

Is there an overall style you're hoping for?

Where will your cars go?

Does your perfect home have a deep history?

Is your perfect home move-in ready, or could it use some work?

What is one thing you want for amazing curb appeal?

Will you want the house to be easy for people to get to?

Is the exterior or the interior more important to you?

Does your perfect home have a mud room?

How many stories do you ideally want?

Is a separate dining room calling your name?

In your perfect home, do you have a separate area to use as a workshop?

What color scheme will be throughout your home?

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