Describe Your Perfect Date and We'll Guess What You Should Wear

By: Kennita Leon
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"She's up all night for good fun. I'm up all night to get lucky!" While it's clear what Daft Punk prefers on their dates, what do you prefer? When you it comes to a date, are you looking for something fun or something romantic? Describe your perfect date and we'll tell you what to wear! 

When it's time to go on a date, many people find themselves heading to the Internet for ideas! Some people are looking for a fun, exciting date to keep their prospect interested while some prefer a simple dinner to get to know each other. If you're looking for something exciting, your perfect date might include go-karting or laser tag! Or you might be a lover of the classic dinner and a movie. 

When it comes to picking out your date, the next important step is your wardrobe! The outfit you pick for your date will set the tone for the rest of the night! What will you be wearing?

For those going out to a restaurant, sexy is the way to go! If you'd rather have a casual date, you could always go with your best jeans or a casual dress! Which of these styles seems more like you? Well, it depends on your date! Tell us your perfect date, and we'll create the perfect outfit to go with it!

How did you and this date of yours meet?

How long have you known each other?

How do the two of you communicate?

Were you attracted to them immediately?

Who asked who out?

Do you know where you're going?

You get to the restaurant and see that your date has done something special to your table. What is it?

He orders your perfect starter. What is it?

For dessert, he asked the chef to put what in writing next to your food?

Where are you guys going after your meal?

How late do you plan on staying out?

How much PDA is happening on this date?

What's the one thing your date could say to make your entire night?

You end up going for a night time stroll. What do you guys end up talking about?

After he drops you off, what he is supposed to do?

What is he supposed to do the day after your date?

Who is paying for the date?

What's your biggest dating pet peeve?

What's the one thing your date could do that would totally ruin the date?

But which of these would you let slide?

Would you like this person to ask you out on another date regardless of how this one goes?

Are you hopeful for a relationship with this person?

Let's talk about how you'll get ready for this date. How much grooming do you have to do before the date?

Do you have an outfit picked out already?

What kind of look are you going for?

What kind of shoes are you wearing?

How heavy are you going with your makeup?

You want him to notice your lips. What color are you going with for the date?

Is it possible for you to fall in love after the first date?

How high are your expectations before every date?

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