Describe Your Perfect Christmas and We'll Guess How Much of a Grinch You Are

By: Khadija Leon
Image: The Movie Db

About This Quiz

Every holiday season, many of us are tasked with planning an awesome Christmas party. Let's see how much of a Grinch you are based on your party planning skills!

What is the budget for the party?

What is the theme for your party?

How many people will you invite to your party?

Which of these movie characters would you invite to your party?

Who are you not going to invite to your party?

Are you expecting Santa (real or fake) to make an appearance at your party?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy do your decorations get?

Which decoration is your favorite?

Who helps you to put up the tree?

Does your tree look more like Santa’s or Charlie Brown’s?

Mistletoe or not?

Your primary source of entertainment will be…

Which song has to be on the party playlist?

What Christmas movie will the kids be watching?

Which party favor will you be giving your guests?

What flavor candy cane will you be handing out?

Which of these treats will be at the candy station?

If you could choose any of these chefs to cater for your party, who would it be?

What are you planning on cooking for Christmas dinner?

Which of these drinks are you planning on serving as your signature drink?

How stressful is planning a party?

How will you be arriving at your party?

How would you describe your guests?

One of your guests gets very drunk, what do you do?

How does the holiday season make you feel?

When do you start celebrating Christmas?

When does your tree go up?

What is the real meaning of Christmas?

How do you feel when the holiday season is over?

What do you hate most about the holiday season?

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