Describe Your Perfect Christmas Vacation and We'll Guess Which Tree Ornament You Are!

By: Zoe Samuel
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About This Quiz

Almost everyone loves Christmas, but while some love to stay home, others love to travel. Tell us your preferences, and we'll help you identify the tree ornament that best represents you.

How far are you going?

How much are you spending?

Who else is there?

How long is the break?

What's for Christmas dinner?

Who's making the dinner?

Who will clean up the cooking afterwards?

Who is definitely not invited?

What's the weather like?

What are you going to wear for Christmas?

Did you bring the presents with you or are you shipping them to people's houses?

Will you make the presents or buy them?

What's your present-per-head budget?

Will lots of kids be there?

Will you be around strangers at all?

Do you plan to roll New Year's and Christmas into one giant vacation?

Will you be doing any work over the holiday?

How much jetlag is too much?

Will you be expected to check in with the office?

Will you gain any weight?

Will you enjoy any romance?

Will you see friends or just relatives?

Do you like to keep it simple?

What are you drinking?

Do you actually like your family?

Do you plan to do any charity work?

Do you want to be out of touch with people on social media over the holidays?

Do you plan to go to church at all?

How much decoration will you put on the outside or your house?

How big is your Christmas tree going to be?

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