Describe Your Facial Features and We'll Give You a Style of Glasses To Wear

By: Steven Miller

About This Quiz

The only thing harder than choosing a tattoo is choosing your the perfect eyeglasses. Eyeglasses not only need to complement your personality, they also need to complement your face shape and your facial features. During this quiz, we'll ask you to tell us about everything from your eyebrows to your chin. Then, we'll fit you with the style of eyeglasses you should be wearing.

Not everyone can carry off round glasses like John Lennon or Harry Potter, and not everyone can pull off the cat's eye like the glamorous, rockabilly ladies. Although we won't be able to take your exact facial measurements like your optometrist, we can determine the style that bests suits your lifestyle and your personality. The way you describe yourself and your features will help us to match you with the through research we've conducted about eyeglasses. Once we feel confident that we both your personal look and your sense of style down, we'll reveal the style you should try next time! 

Whether it's your first or your 50th time buying eyeglasses, this quiz will make sure you get the right style for you. We want all your coworkers to turn their heads when you walk in wearing new specs. The question is - will you be wearing horn-rimmed or square? Let's find out!

How much makeup do you wear?

Which description of a nose fits you most closely?

What is your hair color?

How full are your lips?

How square is your jaw-line?

Would you consider yourself to be more masculine or feminine?

How long is your hair?

Which age description best fits you?

What color are your eyes?

How well does the term "round" match your face shape?

Would you say the angles of your face are soft?

Would you say that you have wide cheekbones?

How wide is your forehead?

How well does the term "square" fit the shape of your face?

Do you have a receding hairline?

Are you bald?

How big are your ears?

Do you have any piercings?

How well does the term "triangle" fit your face shape?

Do you have any dimples?

Do you have any wrinkles?

How well does the term "heart" match your face shape?

How thick are your eyelashes?

Is your neck short or long?

Is your neck wide or narrow?

How well does the term "oval" fit your face shape?

How light or dark is your skin color?

Do you have any freckles?

How high are your cheekbones?

How would you describe your overall body shape?

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