Describe Your Dream Date and We'll Tell You What Hairstyle to Rock!

By Zoe Samuel on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

You never know what to expect when you go on a date! Describing the date of your dreams will not only be a whole lot of fun, but it will also tell you which hairstyle you should rock! Will the date of your dreams involve a sunset beach or a walk through the woods? Telling us will point us in the direction of your very best look. 

Unless you date the world's most predictable person, no two dates are ever the same. As you go through our questions, you'll get the chance to tell us about the date you've imagined having since you were small. Whether you trample your own grapes or take a ride in a helicopter, your dream date is completely up to you! After we get a good feel of your likes and any date mishaps that might see you calling a cab, we'll match you with the hairstyle that will make future dates line up around the corner.

Answer as honestly as you can when you make your dream date choices, and we'll tell you if you should rock the pixie cut or if beach waves would be more your style. Ready to find out?

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