Name These Cursive Letters in 6 Minutes

By Chelsea on April 02, 2018

About This Quiz

The Sumerians created the first writing system in human history. Known as Cuneiform, the wedge-shaped symbols look nothing like the flowy and romantic letters of cursive. Cursive writing dates all the way back to the Romans, but it didn't get it's signature look the cursive until the Renaissance during the  14th century. Cursive, formally known as Italic, came to America during the Spanish requests. Over time cursive letters were simplified, and in the late 19th century the Palmer and Zaner-Bloser methods were developed are still used today. In the past students learned how to write in cursive using chalk and mini chalkboards but you may have

Up until recently, cursive was an important skill taught in grade school, but over the last few years, schools have decided to forgo cursive in the classroom, preferring to concentrate on print only. In fact, the Common Core Standards, a set of educational standards gaining popularity in the states, dictated hat cursive will no longer be taught in elementary schools. 

While some cursive letters are so similar to print they are easy to identify, others look completely different than their counterparts. Do you still write in cursive or know how to sign your name? Prove it by challenging yourself with this quiz! Find out if you can identify these cursive letters in just 6 minutes!

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