Create Your Perfect Relationship and We'll Guess When You'll Get Married

By: Haiden Steingass
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Maybe you are in a great relationship, or perhaps you're feeling stuck, watching reruns of "Gossip Girl" and waiting for your Dan Humphrey or Serena Vanderwoodsen to come along. Whatever situation you are in, you likely daydream about the "perfect relationship," the one that is as wonderful in real life as it appears on social media. But what exactly does a perfect or ideal relationship look like?

It's different for everyone. In the hit Netflix rom-com, "To All The Boys I've Loved Before," main character Lara Jean romanticizes what it would be like to be in a relationship. As a young girl, she took it to the extreme, to a point where she ended up writing letters to them to confess her love. However, when she gets older and the letters are sent to the boys by her younger sister, she realizes how most of them weren't what she wanted all along. She didn't realize what she really wanted until she met her love interest, Peter. 

So, what kind of qualities are you looking for in a significant other? Is it maturity, openness, integrity, sensitivity, empathy, or affection? While it is nearly impossible for one person to embody all of those traits, it's important to find someone who has at least some of them. Take this quiz to create your perfect relationship, the one you have always dreamed of, and we will guess when you will get married. Do you think you're ready?

How will you two meet?

What hair color will they have?

What Netflix show will you watch together?

Who will cook in the relationship?

Where will your first date be?

How close will they be with your friends?

How close will you be with their mom?

What hobbies will you share?

How would you spend a Sunday morning?

How many kids will you have?

Who will make more money?

What will your living situation be when you're dating?

What kind of pet will you get together?

What kind of birthday present will they get you?

When is the first time you two will kiss?

When is the first time you two will have sex?

After how long of dating will you get engaged?

What kind of little gifts do you want to be surprised with?

Where will your first vacation together be?

How will you handle being upset with each other?

What nickname will you call them?

How long will you see each other before you officially start dating?

How will you apologize to each other when you fight?

When will the first time be that you realize you love them?

How often will you talk on the phone?

How will you talk about marriage?

What kind of restaurant will be your go-to place?

What things will you keep at their house?

How will you spend your free time together?

How do you stay active together?

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