Create Your Own Island and We'll Tell You Which Real One Was Made for You!

By Zoe Samuel on April 24, 2018

About This Quiz

Islands hold a unique power in the human mind. An island is a sanctuary, or an escape, or a prison. An island can be a paradise or a desert. Islands have housed fortresses, palaces, secrets, and monuments. Islands can be infamous, like Riker's Island, or beloved, like the Île Saint-Louis. They can be legendary, like Avalon, or mundane, like Catalina Island. Islands can be far from land, like Bermuda, or in the middle of a continent, like Big Bone Island, in Kentucky. Islands symbolize a cutting off from the rest of the world, and yet some islands seem to be the center of everything.

Privately held islands are among the most sought-after properties for the super-rich, with the islands in the hands of Shakira, Jay Z, and Paul Allen. With the kind of money private-island-owners have, an island can be configured any way its owner wants. Private islands can be private playpens for owners like Johnny Depp, or places for a family to gather, as is the case with Virgin founder Richard Branson.

Today, you will design your own island. It will have everything you could possibly want, just the way you want it. With this in mind, we will suggest to you which real island best suits your tastes. It's time to put on your designer cap, and get to work!

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