Create the Most Disastrous First Date Possible and We'll Guess Your Relationship Status!

By: Jody Mabry

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We all know that when we're on dates, disaster can strike, but we hope that it doesn't. Because we have no control over what may or may not happen, sometimes we are the victims of disastrous dating experiences. Some of them are so awful that they can rival floods, hurricanes, and even tsunamis. 

Here at Zoo, we're always ones for making the best out of crap situations, so we want you to have some fun planning a disastrous date. Tell us what you'd do if your date arrived an hour early, tell us what happens when your waiter tries to get involved because he feels bad for you, tell us what'll happen if you choke on your food, and tell us what'll happen when it's time to pay for the worst dinner you've ever had. Tell us everything and don't leave any bad parts out. 

How you handle yourself on this date will tell us a lot about you and your current relationship status. In fact, it may just be the fun way for us to determine whether you're single, taken or somewhere in between. So, if you want to find out and have a laugh at the same time, take out this quiz! 

You are getting ready when a blind date is at the door an hour early. What the heck do you do?

You're not ready and offer your date a drink. What do you offer?

Oh, no! While waiting for you to get ready, your date got drunk in the living room. What did you catch them doing?

Things aren't going great, and it gets worse when you realize you don't have any deodorant and your armpits stink. What do you use instead?

Your armpits are now fresh and you are ready to go, but something suddenly goes wrong. What is it?

You don't know how you didn't notice when you answered the door, but now that you are ready you realize you already know who your date is. Who is it?

Whatever, you're dressed up so just make the best of it. You are escorted to your date's vehicle. What do they drive?

You really don't know what is planned for your date. Hopefully, this is the last time you say, "You choose." Where do you end up?

Things are not going so well. What do you order first?

Your date is still drunk from picking you up. What does your date order?

Suddenly a mariachi band is playing at your table. What's the worst thing that could happen?

Your server realizes that things aren't going well. %0D What do to they do?

What happens when your date notices the interaction with your server?

You order food and start a conversation. What is a topic you discuss?

Thankfully, the food arrives. What do you think goes wrong?

As you are eating, a pearl onion is caught in your throat and you begin to choke. What happens?

Someone helps and offers you the Heimlich. What happens after that?

Things calm down and you decide it's time to go. The server brings the bill. What does your date do?

Okay, so this whole date is just bad and it's time to go. How do they react?

How does the conversation on the way home go?

You stumble about forty feet before realizing you'll never make it home alive in our current inebriated state and call an Uber. Your ex is driving. What happens next?

What happens when you arrive home?

The date is bad, but you are starting to feel a strange attraction to your date. What do you do?

Once inside your house, what are you most likely to offer your date?

Since you didn't get dinner you make macaroni and cheese and step away to use the bathroom before eating. What happens when you return?

You are tired. What happens next?

When you wake up the next morning, what do you find?

Once you get up and head out into the living room, what do you find?

The first person to call you that morning is?

When all is said and done you realize that all you lost was...

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