Create an '80s Playlist and We'll Guess If You're an Angel or a Demon

By: Lauren Lubas
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The '80s was a rich time for music culture. New sounds were emerging, and classic sounds were getting distorted. With these new sounds came attention from pretty much everywhere. Hardcore punk music, hip-hop, and heavy metal all came under attack by social groups, conservative organizations, and even the American government. 

Certain types of music were considered too vulgar to be aired on the radio. Others were branded as "satanic." Music was polarized as good or evil. There was no in between. An "us versus them" mentality struck the world, and personal taste suddenly turned into a way to identify if someone was good or bad. As music producers and band members testified before Congress, were you watching on TV or not even a glint in your mother's eye?

There is no doubt that the '80s changed the way we identified through song, and that's what makes your '80s playlist so important. Your '80s playlist is your personality. It shows which side you were on (or would have been on). It tells us whether you were good or evil. Create an '80s playlist, and we'll guess whether you're an angel or a demon.

Every good playlist starts strong. What are you starting with?

You're heading to work. What's on your '80s playlist?

Which song is part of your '80s playlist while you're working?

Where on your playlist would you put Aerosmith and Run DMC's "Walk This Way" collaboration?

Which song on your playlist makes you feel like a rebel?

When it's time to dance, which song is best for your playlist?

Which bouncy song are you adding to your playlist?

Which song on your 80's playlist is perfect for chillin'.

What is the best breakup song on your '80s playlist?

What position would George Michael's "Faith" be on your '80s playlist?

How many Madonna songs are on your '80s playlist?

Which song by Queen is on your playlist?

When you're mad, which of these songs are you going to jump to on your '80s playlist?

Which feel-good song is on your '80s playlist?

All '80s playlists need a Metallica song. Which one is on your '80s playlist?

Select a one-hit-wonder for your playlist.

Which artist dominates your '80s playlist?

Which song are you belting out in the car on a road trip?

Which Beastie Boys song is on your playlist?

Which song gets you dancing?

Which hip-hop song is definitely on your playlist?

When it's time to slow things down, which song do you skip to on your playlist?

What songs on your playlist best describe you?

What is the most '80s sounding song on your '80s playlist?

Which '80s rap artist/group is most prominent on your playlist?

Which song are you skipping to when you need to express yourself?

When you find the perfect person for you, what song are you blasting?

What's your '80s girl power song?

How many N.W.A songs are on your '80s playlist?

What is the title of your '80s playlist?

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