Create a Rom-Com and We'll Tell You When You'll Meet the Love of Your Life!

By: Teresa M.
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Your job is to come up with your own romantic comedy. Judging by your responses, we will be able to tell exactly when you will meet the love of your life!

Which actor will play the leading man in your romantic comedy?

Which city would base your romantic comedy in?

How will your love interests meet in your romantic comedy?

Which romantic comedy do you like most?

Which actress would you choose to play your leading lady?

Will your love interests instantly like one another?

What issue might get in the way of love between your two leading actors?

Will your characters get engaged in your romantic comedy?

What gift will your leading man give to your leading lady?

Will your romantic comedy characters be an unlikely match?

What sort of dress would your leading lady wear to a fancy dinner?

What term of endearment might your love interests use for one another?

Which comedic actress would you cast as the best friend character in your romantic comedy?

Which comedic actor would you cast in the part of best man?

What job would your leading man have?

Would you perform a cameo in your romantic comedy?

Which romantic comedy will your film be most like?

What television couple will your leading character be most like?

If you were to send your leading couple on vacation, where would you send them?

Who would play the role of the grandparent in your romantic comedy?

What setting would you choose for your lead characters' first kiss?

Where would you send your couple on a first date?

Who would you choose to direct your romantic comedy?

What filming or storytelling technique would your romantic comedy use?

What outdoor activity would you choose for a comedy scene?

Will your leading characters have arguments?

What wedding theme would you choose for your couple?

Would your characters have a large age gap?

What will be your leading man's best trait?

How would your romantic comedy end?

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